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Green Schools Alliance is an international organization that advances student success and saves schools resources by fostering whole school sustainability.

  • We promote student success through leadership training, project-based learning, and support system. Students gain the skills and experience to become sustainability leaders in their communities.
  • We inspire school professionals through access to training, resources, and a community of fellow sustainability champions. School and district professionals are prepared to lead whole school sustainability work by participating in the Alliance's spectrum of programs.
  • We provide schools with tools to accelerate whole school sustainability efforts through collective purchasing power, access to resources, and reporting and recognition systems. Schools improve student learning outcomes and environments - and save resources - with the Alliance's whole school sustainability tools.
  • We offer districts the programs to leverage high-volume purchasing power, foster collaborative communication, and gather system-wide information on school efforts. Districts leverage system-wide programs that save resources and make it easier to implement sustainability programs in their schools. 


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