Sustainability Tracking and Roadmap Tool (START)

Piloting in 2018, START is a sustainability tracking and roadmap tool that schools use to assess, identify, and track actions to meet their whole-school sustainability goals. This new standardized system helps schools methodologically create a more healthy and sustainable environment for learning based on the 3 principles of Whole-School Sustainability.



protostarprotostar website preview

Green Schools Alliance's advanced reporting and recognition program, called protostar, is a transparent, self-reporting tool designed for K-12 schools to accurately measure sustainability performance on several levels. As the name implies, it’s a stellar solution to achieving proper sustainability – and not just on the environmental level. Protostar is a powerful storehouse of data encompassing everything from energy efficiency, affordability, staff hiring and cost of living, to community service, economic well-being, even risk management.



Energy Star Portfolio Manager

You’ve heard it before: you can’t manage what you don’t measure. To get started tracking your buildings' energy and water usage while calculating your greenhouse gas emissions, use the Environmental Protection Agency's free tool, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®. Portfolio Manager is the nation's leading benchmarking tool and used in many cities for mandatory benchmarking laws. This benchmarking tool is FREE!!



Utility Dashboard

Coming in 2018, Green Schools Alliance is partnering with Noveda Technologies to bring energy and water management tools to our member schools. Members will be able to choose from a range of innovative solutions, including monitoring, energy and water reduction challenges, advanced analytics and building controls. Noveda's solutions, from a basic dashboard connected to Energy Star Portfolio Manager to submetering and real-time analytics, provide actionable intelligence to not only the facility team, but students and building occupants to encourage behavior change. 


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