What is START?

START is a sustainability tracking and roadmap tool that schools use to assess, identify, and track actions to meet their whole-school sustainability goals.

This interactive online, multi-level system enables tracking of a comprehensive range of sustainability actions. START offers beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels for schools to assess their current actions and establish a baseline where they are on their sustainability journey. START’s rating system helps schools understand the cost, difficulty, and impact of each action and which to implement to reach their next goal.



Our community expressed a need for a flexible and scalable platform that supports high-level reporting on a range of metrics (e.g.: energy and water efficiency, food waste, air quality, curriculum) and connects schools with their district administration to enable sharing and analysis of that information to support sustainability goals. START helps schools methodologically create a more healthy and sustainable environment for learning based on the 3 principles of Whole-School Sustainability.
EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM: Students have meaningful learning opportunities that help them become more aware of their role and responsibility in creating a sustainable future.

ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE: Staff cultivate a culture of teamwork and strategic planning to embed sustainable action into everyday practices.

PHYSICAL PLACE: Schools become more healthy, efficient, and engaging places to learn and work that improve both educational outcomes and promote academic development.

Note: Learn more about Whole-School Sustainability from the Institute for the Built Environment.  

Get Started

The Alliance will be piloting START in 2019. To learn more about how START can get your school on its pathway to sustainable success, visit this page for regular updates, or email info@greenschoolsalliance.org.