This opportunity is available to students who have participated in the Alliance's Student Conservation Corps and Congress (Sc3).


To promote climate and conservation solutions in your community or region. As an intern, you will be representing the Alliance, whose mission is to connect and empower schools worldwide to lead the transformation to a sustainable future.  


Each year, Alliance Staff and GSA National Student Coordinators review applicants from that year's Sc3 and select students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership both in their schools and communities and at Sc3 to work with the Alliance and the global thought leaders who are part of the Sc3 family. 

  1. Plan two sustainability events during the year in your school or community. 
  2. Monthly Blog Post on the GSA Student Blog
  3. Monthly GSA Facebook Page Update
  4. Recruit at least two students to apply to Sc3 and encourage faculty at your school to nominate students. 

The position begins at the end of the Sc3 and lasts for a full year.  


Our interns represent all regions of the United States and many countries worldwide. There are no boundaries to the scope of an intern's outreach.


Take a stand. Continue to take action for what you believe. You are not alone. 


HOW?  To become a GSA Intern

Have a conversation with Arlae Castellanos at Sc3 or email her at Acastellanos@greenschoolsalliance.org


Student Blogs

  • student climate conference PDS
    The Student Climate Conference At Princeton Day School
    On May 12th, the second annual Student Climate Conference was held at Princeton Day School. The program was complete with presentations by students, a fair with stands from environmental nonprofits, outdoor activities, and the Keynote Speaker: Delaware Riverkeeper, Maya von Rossum. The aim of this program was to inform and motivate youth in the area on environmental sustainability.        more
  • letter t 1
    Utilizing Environmentalist Rage: A Letter Template
    I want my environmentalist rage and the rage of every environmentalist reading this to be more frequently put to good use. In my most recent blog, I shared a letter that I had written to the CEO of Hilton. This letter was a call to action that highlighted the economic and ecological inefficiency of investing in single-use plastic water bottles. I’ve created a template and tips below that will hopefully aid you in productively utilizing your societal frustrations. Solution-oriented mindsets are all that we need to make a difference. By tactfully proposing sustainable and economically advantageous alternatives to the managers and CEOs of waste-producing businesses, we can voice our desire as consumers to see sustainable practices put in place and spark consideration for environmental conscientiousness by tackling one issue at a time. I hope this letter template provides inspiration, guidance, and a vessel for your righteous environmentalist frustrations. Be creative, be bold, and the next time you see something wasteful, start writing. more
  • ed1
    Taking Our Earth Day Mentality Beyond A Single Day
    The 2018 Santa Barbara Earth Day Festival marked the 49th year anniversary of Santa Barbara hosting earth day celebrations. Some of the first ever Earth day festivities originated in Santa Barbara after the 1969 oil spill which, at the time, was the largest in the nation’s history. Today, the Santa Barbara Earth Day festival commemorates this devastating spill by reminding people to rethink their habits and their relationship with the planet. For most of the years that the festival has been around, it has been organized by the Community Environmental Council . The CEC formed in 1970 also in response to the oil spill and has been a major force in pushing for environmental regulations and sustainability initiatives in the Santa Barbara community with campaigns such as “Skip the Straw SB for the Sea.” The organization has visited Dos Pueblos on numerous occasions and was a driving force in helping install reusable water bottle stations with their program, “Rethink the Drink.” Kati King, CEC Director of Outreach and Education, proudly discussed Earth Day Festival has grown extremely successful and is now one of the largest and longest-running Earth Day festivals on the west coast. more