Greetings Sc3 Student Fellow,

Congratulations on your acceptance to the 2017 Student Conservation Corps & Congress (Sc3)! As an environmental leader in your school and community, we are thrilled to have you attend the Congress from June 25 – July 1 as a U.S. Green School Fellow. You will be one of approximately 125 student leaders, selected from across the United States and beyond, to represent your school and state at Sc3 2017, hosted by the National Conservation Training Center (NCTC) of the U.S. Department of the Interior, the nation’s premier conservation training facility.

We look forward to speaking with you in the coming months and days leading up to the Congress and to meeting you in person at NCTC. Meanwhile, please review the information in the Sc3 Accepted Student Handbook, including the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions). It will provide useful information when preparing for your Sc3 experience.

See you soon at the National Conservation Training Center in beautiful Shepherdstown, West Virginia!


Katy Perry, Sc3 Program Director
Arlae Castellanos, Sc3 Dean of Students
        Arlae Castellanos        

View the Sc3 Accepted Student Handbook

for all of the important information you need leading up to Sc3:
Registration Forms Instructions
Planning for Travel to Sc3
Packing Guide
FAQs and MORE!!

Here is an overview of important tasks you need to complete in preparation for Sc3. Instructions and details are in the Handbook.

1) Fill Out Registration Forms
  • Accepted Student Form
  • Parent Form for Accepted Students
  • Travel Form
  • River Trip Permission Form

2) Pay Room, Board & Program Fee
  • Payment information
  • Financial Aid & Fundraising information

3) Join Slack
  • Accept Invite
  • Create Profile

4) Join GSA Website
  • Join GSA Website/Create user account
  • Join the Sc3 Group
  • Start your Action Plan

5) Plan Your Travel to NCTC
  • Arrange travel to NCTC (note shuttle schedules)
  • Fill out Travel Form

6) Pack Your Bags
  • Items provided by NCTC
  • Packing List - required & suggested items

7) Review the Sc3 Community Norms & Behavioral Agreement

8) Review the FAQs

View the Sc3 Accepted Student Handbook

Pay for Registration here

If you have any further questions, contact the Admission Team.  See you soon!