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Stanford Analysis Reveals Wide Array of Benefits from Environmental Education

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"Experts at Stanford University systematically searched the academic literature and identified 119 peer-reviewed studies published over a 20-year period that measured the impacts of environmental education for K-12 students.1 The review found clear evidence that environmental education programs provide a variety of benefits"
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"Studies in the review demonstrated that environmental education has led to a number of positive impacts, from improving academic performance, to enhancing critical thinking skills, to developing personal growth and life-building skills, including confidence, autonomy, and leadership. In addition, a number of the studies showed that environmental education increased civic engagement and positive environmental behaviors.

Dozens of peer-reviewed studies found environmental education has a positive academic impact. Because children are often naturally interested in and curious about the environment, environmental education can be an effective tool to teach an array of topics. Studies documented that students gained knowledge in a variety of areas, including the environment, mathematics, chemistry, biology, ecology, and more. In various studies, students and teachers reported that the students enjoyed taking part in environmental education activities, and that the “fun” factor enhanced motivation to learn. Environmental education imparts more than knowledge. It has been shown to develop academic skills, such as critical thinking, decision making, and synthesizing complex information. Environmental education has helped produce effective problem solvers, lifelong learners, and thoughtful community leaders and participants. A dozen peer-reviewed articles found environmental education had positive civic outcomes, such as instilling a sense of personal responsibility and motivation to address community and environmental issues."
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