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Sc3 - Student Conservation Corps and Congress
Develop leadership skills at our week-long Student Conservation Corps & Congress training.
Learn more about sustainability through over 1,000 links to field trips, games, competitions, infographics, documentaries, and more.
Get free online space, for groups of 2 or more, to organize and manage your student club efforts.
challenges and contests
Find nationwide competitions and challenges that your school or student club can participate in.
Stay informed with what students are thinking about by reading their blogs. Maybe you can be a blogger!
community campaigns
Take your efforts to the next level and get ideas for your a community campaign or project.

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"I discovered that all over the country, and all over the world, there are people who value nature and who really believe we can save the world. It gave me a new perspective; it showed me people are small, but the differences they can make are big!"  
— Sarah, Sc3 participant, 2015

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Check Out the Student Blogs

  • CC Video
    Conscious Consumerism Video Project
    I first wanted to be an environmentalist when I learned about my ability to influence businesses and society as a whole by exercising my consumer power. This was my first tangible way of participating in solving the problem of climate change and environmental degradation. I was inspired to do this video project because empowering others with my knowledge, it could cause a shift in consumer choices, and subsequently this change in demand will cause a shift in the products that are being produced. We have seen this occur with the greater demand for organic food and the rise in popularity of thrifting and repurposing. The demand for sustainable products is reflected by producers. If enough people exercise their consumer power, considering the full environmental and ethical costs of the items they buy, they can initiate a green revolution and the eventual plight of an economy that is based in the exploiting nature for profit.   more
  • delhi 2
    Delhi Has Become Uninhabitable
    As India transitions into a developed country, greenhouse gas emissions have skyrocketed. Rapid growth due to a large youth population and a need for more children to take care of sick and aging family members have caused near-deadly conditions to arise, especially in Delhi.   more
  • Asheville 2
    Asheville, North Carolina: America’s Environmental Role Model
    Do you want to know how to make your city or school a healthier, happier place? Look to Asheville, North Carolina as an example of how to live sustainably in our rapidly-developing world. more