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Sc3 - Student Conservation Corps and Congress
Develop leadership skills at our week-long Student Conservation Corps & Congress training.
Learn more about sustainability through over 1,000 links to field trips, games, competitions, infographics, documentaries, and more.
Get free online space, for groups of 2 or more, to organize and manage your student club efforts.
challenges and contests
Find nationwide competitions and challenges that your school or student club can participate in.
Stay informed with what students are thinking about by reading their blogs. Maybe you can be a blogger!
community campaigns
Take your efforts to the next level and get ideas for your a community campaign or project.

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"I discovered that all over the country, and all over the world, there are people who value nature and who really believe we can save the world. It gave me a new perspective; it showed me people are small, but the differences they can make are big!"  
— Sarah, Sc3 participant, 2015

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  • harvest festival
    The EnAct Club At Princeton Day School
    At Princeton Day School, there is a plethora of clubs and groups created with the sole intention to nurture and further enhance the passions of the student body. One such organization is EnAct, or Environmental Action club, which is one of the oldest clubs on campus.     more
  • reefs
    Ocean Acidification: Protecting The Coral Reef
    As the twenty-first century continues on, the effects of climate change drastically alter the planet’s conditions, making it less habitable. Polluting the air with more emissions furthers the greenhouse effect that heats up the planet. While a majority of the greenhouse gases that are released stay in the air to continue the greenhouse effect, a large chunk of these gases, approximately twenty-six percent of emissions each year, are absorbed by the oceans. Ocean life has existed for a much longer period than human life, and roughly seventy-one percent of the earth's surface is covered with water. However, in our world today, scientists are in agreement that we are amidst a sixth mass extinction whose cause is anthropogenic. Meaning that humans are the cause and catalyst for the environmental destruction, extinction of wildlife, and loss of biodiversity that is occurring across the globe.       more
  • Peirce Hall
    “Bring Our Boys Home”: The Theft of Dining Hall Dishes and the Environmental Implications
    Each fall, Kenyon College’s sole dining hall, Peirce Hall, has a full stock of bowls, dishes, cutlery, and most notably, Peirce cups. The Peirce cups and their tendency to disappear from the dining hall are something of a long-running joke among students. During orientation, upperclassmen beg the freshmen not to thieve the cups during a spirited series of skits, and clubs on campus sell buttons that read “bring our boys home” with a picture of the famous red cup, in the early days of the spring semester. Despite these efforts, at the same point each year-- around mid-April-- there are just not enough cups to go around. more