OnAir Schools is a new program of the Alliance, a STEM-aligned initiative that inspires preK-12 students to take the lead on classroom campaigns and student challenges to reduce traffic and air pollution at their school.  Using a digital platform to plan, implement and measure, students can engage their entire school community in taking actions that help save the air.

AirCreds Challenge

How many pounds of pollution can your school community take out of the air through clean air actions?  The AirCreds challenge is a custom challenge and measurement tool that you can use to quantify the difference your school is making for the environment. Members of your school community can log their clean air actions, such as walking to school, buying local food, running an educational workshop, planting a tree, and more.

Young Lungs at Work Art Challenge

Who are our Clean Air Heroes? What does a hero look like? What would you do or say to get people to act for clean air? Following this theme, create a cartoon (K-5) or a video public service announcement (6-12) that illustrates how everyday people can be clean air heroes in our world.

Sustainable Selfie Challenge

Enter OnAir’s Sustainable Selfie Challenge  (Grades 9-12 only)  to earn the Sustainable Selfie Badge and show the world how you help our air. Did you ride your bike to school? Selfie. Eat a local snack? Selfie.  Volunteer at a tree planting?  Selfie.  Share how you’re helping the environment and get a shout out from OnAir for your sustainable actions!

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