OnAir Schools is a new program of the Alliance, a STEM-aligned initiative that inspires preK-12 students to take the lead on classroom campaigns and student challenges to reduce traffic and air pollution at their school.  Using a digital platform to plan, implement and measure, students can engage their entire school community in taking actions that help save the air. 


No Idling Campaign

Have you ever been outside and smelled exhaust coming from cars or buses in the pick-up line at school? A vehicle that is stopped with its engine turned on for 30 seconds or more is idling. An idling vehicle emits 20 times more pollution than one traveling at 30 miles per hour. Idling not only pollutes the air, it wastes gas and money.  Through this campaign, you can start a No Idling Program at your school in four easy steps and see your impact in pounds of pollution taken out of the air and money saved.   


Get There Green Campaign

What does it mean to “get there green”? We’re asking middle and high school students to answer this question by becoming school transportation planners - organizing and presenting their own customized clean commute event. This middle and high school student program—whether used in the classroom or taken on by a student club—lets students take the lead in creating, promoting, implementing and measuring the results of an event to improve air quality at their school. 

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