The Climate Quilt Campaign unites students throughout the world. By joining their individual pledges together to care for the earth, the quilt has become a powerful symbol of the global youth commitment to protect and preserve all living things and wild places, by mitigating climate change. Each patch celebrates an individual pledge to improve the environment. These individual patches are sewn together into one unified quilt, illustrating that when you join together, the impact can be very big.


We invite classrooms and individuals to send their message to decision-makers and representatives, at the local and global scale, to take Climate Change policy seriously. We hope you will join the Climate Quilt Campaign to protect our shared planet.  Help spread the word. Tell your friends, neighbors, teachers, students and everyone you know to get involved with the Climate Quilt Campaign. Remember, the more pledge patches that we have, the bigger our voice!

Grown ups can get involved too. If you are an experienced quilt maker and/or belong to a quilting group and would like to be part of the Climate Quilt Campaign, please email



1. Choose your fabric. Use recycled materials such as old shirts, pants, pillowcases, denim, etc. It should be suitable to write on — plain, not stretchy. The best materials would be lightweight cotton (not muslin, silk, organza).

2. Cut a 7 inch or 17.5cm block (square). Leave a 1/4 inch or .5cm seam allowance on all sides. Fabric should be cut straight along the grain (less stretch in the patch - easier to sew).

3. Personalize your patch. Use a fabric pen to write your first name, age, city and pledge. For example: Ella, 8, Cuafield, “I pledge to not buy things I don’t need”. Decorate your patch by using different colored fabric pens or iron-on transfers. Be creative and have fun!
4. Mail your finished pledge patches to: Steve’s Sewing, 268 W. DeKalb Pike, King of Prussia, PA 19406, USA

For more information, email:



Launched September 2009 following the release of the U.N. Foundation report on Climate Change, the Climate Quilt Campaign connects and empowers students worldwide about climate change. It is a physical representation that youth of all ages are taking a leadership role in their communities to protect our shared future. Above is a portion of the quilt, containing pledge patches from Australia, Phillipines, New Zealand, USA, UK, and South Africa.

The Climate Quilt Campaign is a program of the Green Schools Alliance, created by Habitat Heroes and Green Schools Alliance. The Campaign is grateful for the collaboration of Steve’s Sewing in King of Prussia, PA for helping to bring the quilt to life.

Since 2009, the Quilt has grown to include Pledge Patches from students in countries around the globe including from Australia, United Kingdom, China, Phillipines, New Zealand, United States, and South Africa.  Among its travels, a portion of the quilt has appeared at the following venues:
  • June 2016: Carried by students from NYC schools to the United Nations
    for meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon
  • August - September 2015: Senate Building display, Washington DC, Papal Visit. (Hosted by Sen. Casey, PA)
  • February 2013: Climate Rally, National Mall, Washington, DC
  • April 2010: Senator Casey of Pennsylvania
  • December 2009: COP 20 in Copenhagen, Denmark

For More Information, contact:


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Founding Partner and Project Coordinator
of the Climate Quilt Campaign

Founding Partner of the Climate Quilt Campaign

Steve’s Sewing, est. 1991, is a Retail & Educational Center that services many schools in the Pennsylvania area and is a proud sponsor of the Climate Quilt Campaign.
King of Prussia, PA

The Climate Quilt campaign is grateful to Steve’s Sewing for their project coordination and quilt implementation.