March 15, 2018:
Where STEM meets STEAM: How Creativity Impacts Sustainability
February 15, 2018:
Leading the Way to a Sustainable Future
January 18, 2018:
New Year, New Green Goals
December 13, 2017:
Celebrate Local Champions This Holiday Season!
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Little Contributions Can Create Meaningful Changes!
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Getting started: Conversations, Intentions and Transformations
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How to: Create a Green Culture at School; Build a School Garden; Stay Motivated and Give Back!
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Students Translate Dreams Into Action at Sc3 2017

March 2018


Musician & Environmental Activist Bob Weir Becomes the Alliance’s First International Ambassador


It was Bob Weir who said, “Looking back, I guess I have lived an unusual life.” From founding one of the greatest rock bands of all time, to being appointed a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador last year, we’re inclined to believe he’s right. His journey will now include another unique accomplishment, becoming the Green Schools Alliance first international ambassador.


Read about Bob Weir’s journey in sustainability…

How “To Kill A Mockingbird” Ties to Environmental Issues

by Florence Kane, student internToKillaMockingbird

Did you know that advice on environmental activism can be linked back to Harper Lee's novel "To Kill a Mockingbird"? In this compelling blog by Florence, we see a STEM-meets-STEAM take on this iconic literary work.

Learn what she discovered...

Turning Environmental Trash Into Artistic Treasure


by Melanie Meren, school professional recycledartknight


Creativity meets sustainability in these imaginative endeavors that are blurring the lines between waste and works of art. Melanie highlights some amazing pieces that are transforming how we view trash.


See these incredible “artcycle” projects…

Involvement in the Climate Museum

by Jamie Grayson, student intern


Jamie felt there was a need for a creative space to educate people about climate change. When he found out about New York City’s Climate Museum, he knew he had to see their exhibitions. Their interactive and informative pieces took him on a journey through “environmental time”, where he witnessed climate change’s evolution over the past 111,000 years.


Join Jamie’s journey into the history of our climate...

Alliance Updates

Leadership Commitment Drawing TreeRing
brought to you by TreeRing

Win a VISA Gift Card for your School Eco-Club or Green Team! Contest runs February 8 to April 22, 2018. Update your previous commitment, recruit a new school, or make a new commitment to enter to win $100, $250, or $500 gift card!  

We have updated our Sustainability Leadership Commitment to reflect global changes since the pledge’s development more than 10 years ago. Designed to be accessible to all schools wherever they are on their sustainability journey, we hope this helps existing Alliance leaders create and improve their sustainable school communities. Learn more about the Commitment...

We’re thrilled to welcome our newest GSA District Collaborative member and Leadership Commitment signatory, Gwinnett County Public Schools, Georgia! They’re the 14th largest school district in the United States with 139 schools and more than 180,000 students.

We’d also like to welcome another global member to our community, Sanskriti The Gurukul, India; our latest Leadership Commitment signatory school!


Green Cup Challenges: Recycle & Video


Recycle Challenge: Green Schools Alliance is inviting you to participate in our Recycle Challenge! Choose any 4 weeks from March 19 - May 11 to compete for “Bin Points” by sorting recycling properly.


Video Challenge: Showcase your students talents and environmental passions through a creative video! Create awareness about lowering energy use, recycling, reducing waste, or rethinking consumption. Deadline to submit your video is April 27!



Calendar Corner: parachuteParachutes for the Planet


The Mother Earth Project is raising awareness for global change with their worldwide art project, "Parachutes for the Planet". They're calling for individuals and communities to create unique designs surrounding sustainability, climate change, environmental conservation, and messages of hope for the future. They believe this display will raise awareness, connect communities, and inspire action for a better world. The works will be showcased at an enormous exhibition in Washington, D.C. this fall.

Holiday Highlight: March 15, World Consumer Rights Day

World Consumer Rights Day is an opportunity to raise awareness for respect and protection of consumers who, as global citizens, possess 8 fundamental rights including satisfaction of needs, safety, information, choice, voice, redress, education, and a healthy environment.

Social Media Spotlight

Old Tech Becomes New Art

Art Inspires STEM Donation

Climate Change Animation for Kids

Creative artists transformed "e-waste" into something extraordinary. Read the interview


Disney donates $1 Million to STEM program in celebration of ‘Black Panther’ movie. Celebrate STEM


Cool video narrated by a kid for kids illustrating how climate change works. Watch the video

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