Global Sense

Global Sense
Global SEnSE aims to support the development of the social enterprise (SE) ecosystem in Singapore and region with an innovative youth leadership program. SEnSE stands for Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Ecosystem. Hence the SE ecosystem they hope to support should have sustainable business models.

They have conferences, speaker forums, workshops, summits, and contests to inform youth and the community about how to adopt a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Global Sense HackathonVision

  • An effective catalyst for sustained social entrepreneurship


  • To pursue excellence relentlessly in our efforts to promote social entrepreneurship
  • To develop youth leaders with innovative programmes

Soft Skills Development

  • Project Management (adapted on the Sun Tze Art of War)
  • Internalizing habits
  • Business Development of New Markets
  • 5Cs of Entrepreneurship

A Brief History

Global SEnSE had its origin as a movement by the founder, Tay Kok Chin back in 2009 when he was a volunteer with Chong Boon Secondary School to promote environmental sustainability and the need to care for people. He was with IBM then. In 2011, he won the IBM Centennial Grant of USD100K which was awarded to the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC) for Project Green Insights. The aim of this Pilot project was to raise awareness of energy efficiency for the 20 pilot schools.

Following the successful completion of Project Green Insights at the end of 2012, SGBC launched the Green Schools Initiative (GSI) as a national project. The key objective of GSI is to encourage schools to pursue the Green Mark Certification.

Today, Global SEnSE has representatives in several countries, and a Group of Partners.

Visit the Global SEnSE website.