Save the Planet Nepal

SAVE THE PLANET mission2020 NEPAL is a non-profit organization created with a view to work in the field of Environment in 2064 B.S./2007 A.D. Having observed the deteriorating condition of the earth in terms of environmental degradation and global warming, experienced professionals and youths jointly established this organization in order to teach students and involve the community in the activities throughout the nation to save the planet by loving the nature. Since its establishment in Kumaripati, Lalitpur, NEPAL, it has been working in the field of environmental issues with different activities related to its objectives.

Although Nepal is bit backward in technical and material development, it is essential to conserve the natural resources and maintain an environmental balance for its culmination to attract the attention of the world. Taking proper support, suggestion and assistance from national and international organizations for research in this area will make the model prosperous.

Save the Planet NepalGOAL:

Protect environment, conserve natural resources, keep beauty of the planet and create a conducive environment to live in for the future generation.



  1. To conserve and promote extinctive animals and plants.
  2. To empower people of all classes, levels and areas to conserve biological diversities.
  3. To conserve, develop and widen plant community.
  4. Use fundamental principle of livelihood to conserve natural resources and utility.
  5. To construct profitless, to keep natural balance by utilizing the resources of educational institutions, health posts and develop public parks to inform and comfort to different community.
  6. To conduct world-wide programmes related to environmental balance and conserve by 2020 A.D.
  7. To establish and operate centers in research of natural resources that can be produced in the concerned areas by advocating and supporting Human Rights.
  8. To conduct specific self dependence program focusing women’s and children’s potential and aware them to generate income by maintaining the environmental conservation.

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By spreading the environmental knowledge and practice among our young generation through our Lab for Reading & Land for Practice Project. We can kindle love for the nature in their heart. Thus making them young environmental activist; encouraging them to make eco-friendly decisions in their day-to-day life. Investing in children is an investment in the future, so we inform and encourage students through five campaigns.

1. Speech Campaign : To collect students' thoughts and understandings.

2. Art Campaign : To collect students' creativity and innovation.

3. Signature Campaign : To collect students' commitments.

4. Clean & Green Campaign : Clean desert and green dumping site have no value so plantation/greening and sanitation/ dustbin placement work should be together.

5. Media Campaign: To inform general public about the many great projects and student accomplishments. We invite experts, celebrities and social idols to spread the message widely.

The Green Zone project is another initiative to make schools greener through the participation of students. Our target is to make 5,000 green zones within ten years and in the process develop 500,000 young environmental activist (100 from each school). Similarly 5,000 young environmental champions (1 from each school) will receive a scholarship for higher study of environmental education in a national or international college/university.  Read more about it.


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