What is "Humans of the Pale Blue Dot" about?

Our goal is to spread awareness, to advocate and take action around issues of climate change and sustainability through our multi-faceted, media platforms. With our work we look to highlight the three main pillars of sustainability; economic, environmental, and social sustainability. At its core, our movement desires to demonstrate our common humanity as a means to mobilize action around sustainability and conservation.


Where will you find "Humans of the Pale Blue Dot"?

We currently utilize two social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram, to reach out to people of all demographics to spread the awareness. Our posts and content demonstrate impacts, movements, and passions for sustainability and for the environment from individuals and their local surroundings. With the social aspect of environmentalism, we occasionally relate our posts to a current, controversial or cultural theme. For example, past themes include our #blacklivesmatter and #weekofwater weeks as responses to trending issues like the Dakota Access Pipeline and CA droughts.


Where did we get our inspiration?

“The Pale Blue Dot” is a 1990 photograph taken of planet Earth, from Voyager 1 space probe, 6 billion kilometers away in space. Once the space probe was about to leave the solar system, NASA commanded it to turn around and take one last photo of Earth, as requested by Carl Sagan. Based off the photo depicting Earth as a tiny dot, smaller than a pixel, the American astronomer said, "Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark."    

“Humans of New York” is a series of portraits and interviews by Brandon Stanton started in 2010 depicting the unique lives of people in New York. He has taken the blog to document nearly twenty different countries and now has a very large following on social media through Instagram and Facebook.


When did this campaign start?

Humans of the Pale Blue Dot (HotPBD) was created by a group of students attending GSA’s Student Conservation Corps & Congress in July 2016. Nine student fellows collaborating in the Social Media Open Space Technology group originally created HotPBD to present as Sc3's culminating project. After the summer Congress, realizing the powerful influences their project could have, seven of the students have continued their work since.


Want to get involved?

We are always accepting submitted posts so if you are interested in the movement and/or have passion to share with the world, direct message or email us a picture and snippet of your earthly human story.  humansofthepalebluedot@gmail.com


Who are the students who started "Humans of the Pale Blue Dot"?

Mishka is from Salt Lake City, Utah. She first began doing environmental work by joining an Environs Club in her freshman year of high school. She attended and performed at the Parliament of the World’s Religions, which introduced her to how faith can motivate people to act upon climate change and other environmental issues. She was also chosen as a student delegate to go to Paris for COP21 as a student journalist. However, due to the terrorist attacks, she could not attend. She was also active in trying to get President Obama to make Bears Ears, and piece of land in Southern Utah that is sacred to Indigenous people there, a national monument so that it can be preserved, as well spreading awareness of idling, and the effects it has on Salt Lake City’s air quality.
Isaiah is from Brooklyn, New York. He has been heavily involved with antiracism and social justice work and has always been a strong proponent for sustainability. After participating in a food justice internship in Brooklyn and Sc3, he discovered the necessity for the intersectionality for antiracism and sustainability. In school, Isaiah founded a race justice group, the Spectrum, and he is a member of their environmental awareness club. Aside from social justice he loves cooking and makes mean guacamole.
Julia is from Lexington, Kentucky. Thanks to her my family, friends, and fantastic local resources, Julia has been gradually more and more involved in environmentally conscious groups and activities, starting with Recycling Club in 6th grade all the way to her current involvement in the Bluegrass Youth Sustainability Council. She has been fortunate enough to attend the N.E.E.D. conference in DC and the famous GSA Sc3 in WV, as well as scoring an internship that she loves at FoodChain, a local non-profit aquaponic farm in downtown Lex! Stay green!
Alex is from New York City. She was first introduced to environmentalism through taking an Environmental Science Class during her junior year. She is also involved with the Environmental Club at her school and is currently doing an Independent Study on Urban Agriculture. Alex attended Sc3 in 2016 and was a member of the social media open space technology group that created Humans of the Pale Blue Dot. In her free time Alex enjoys playing the guitar, writing sketches and watching old movies. In college, she hopes to study business and environmental science in hopes of finding a balance and connection between the two.
Amit is from Lexington, Kentucky. He is deeply passionate about the environment, and leads several initiatives in his community. He is the President of his school’s Recycling Club, a senior member of the Bluegrass Youth Sustainability Council, and the Forestry Specialist for his school’s Envirothon Team. In college, Amit hopes to study Computer Science, while minoring in Political Science or Environmental Science. In his free time, he enjoys reading, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and gardening.
Kevin is from the Bronx, New York. He has been very active in the world of activism, specifically on issues such as environmental justice and immigration. Kevin has had the pleasure of working with the GSA since 2013, which provided him with connections that ultimately led to working behind the scenes with the Sierra Club for the People's Climate March and being one of the students leading the youth section during the march. In school, Kevin founded an environmental club, the EAC (Environmental Awareness Club), and he is a member of our race justice group, the Spectrum.
Hannah is from Colorado. Sustainability became a part of Hannah’s life in her junior year when she was fortunate enough to attend the Student Conservation Corps & Congress in 2016. Hannah feels it was definitely a life changer; the time she spent and the friendships she made there have helped her grow and develop a stronger sense of self.