Empower students to raise awareness about energy conservation! 

The Green Cup Challenge™ empowers students, raises awareness about climate change and resource conservation, and unites school communities around a common goal. We invite all K-12 schools to measure and reduce their energy use, improve their recycling and waste reduction programs, and activate student engagement.

NOTE: Green Schools Alliance is taking a short break from administering the Green Cup Challenge. The Alliance is currently concentrating its efforts on building out START, a new sustainability tool for schools. When launched, the GCC will be run through it - stay tuned! In the meantime, since many schools have participated in the GCC for quite a few years, we're hoping that they will continue to use the format to promote energy savings and waste reduction in their schools. All the templates are still available in this Collaboration Group, just scroll down.

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During the 4-week Energy Challenge students, teachers and staff discover they have the power to save energy in their schools, and that their actions can translate into financial savings for their school, and positive change for the world.

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Schools with the largest percent reduction from their individual baselines:
1st - Marin Country Day School, CA (10.5% reduction, 2,806 kWh saved, 4,265 lbs of CO2 avoided)
2nd - Dwight-Englewood School, NJ (9.0% reduction, 6,317 kWh saved, 9,602 lbs of CO2 avoided)
3rd - Trinity-Pawling School, NY (6.1% reduction, 12,807 kWh saved, 19,466 lbs of CO2 avoided)

School with the largest kWh and CO2 reduction from its individual baseline:
Kent School, CT (5.9% reduction, 13,010 kWh saved, 19,775 lbs of CO2 avoided)

During the 4-week Recycle Challenge, schools compete for Bin Points by "recycling right" - improving recycling compliance rates and decreasing contamination. Bonus Points can be earned for additional waste reduction efforts such as composting or paperless communications. Weekly bin surveys provide instant feedback on your recycling efforts - no weighing required.

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Two schools reached the highest Action Level and earned the Recycling Hero award.
1st - Rye Country Day School, NY (93.8 points)
2nd - Barnesville School of Arts and Sciences, MD (92.3 points)

The most improved school earned the Recycling Superstar award.
 Avon Old Farms School, CT

The Green Cup Video Challenge showcases students’ talents and environmental passions. Creativity and individual style are encouraged! The video challenge is intended to create awareness about lowering energy use, recycling, reducing waste, and rethinking consumption.

Loomis Chaffee School - "Tree Fever"

Rye Country Day School - "The Return Of Green Man"

Avon Old Farms School - "The Green Garmento"

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1st Place - Loomis Chaffee School - "Tree Fever"
2nd Place - Rye Country Day School - "The Return Of Green Man"
3rd Place - Avon Old Farms School - "The Green Garmento"

Looking for the results from 2017? They can be found in the Success Story section of this group. Check it out.


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