Measure energy and recycling savings at your school!
Empower your students to raise awareness about energy conservation! 

The Green Cup Challenge™ empowers students, raises awareness about climate change and resource conservation, and unites school communities around a common goal. We invite all K-12 schools to measure and reduce their energy use, improve their recycling and waste reduction programs, and activate student engagement.

2018 Dates: 
Energy Challenge (choose any 4 weeks from January 17 to March 14)
Recycle Challenge (choose any 4 weeks from March 19 to May 11)
Video Challenge (two separate video competitions will run concurrently with the Energy and Recycle Challenges)

How to Participate:
1) Login to the Green Schools Alliance Community. If you don't yet have an account, it only takes a minute to create one.
2) Join this Green Cup Challenge group. 
3) Register for one or both of the challenges. (see right column -->)
4) Pay the Program Fee*. (see right column -->)
5) Download the instructions and data worksheets (see below).

Program Fee*:
Energy Challenge only = $75
Recycle Challenge only = $75
Both Energy & Recycle Challenges = $100 (save $50)
Video Challenge = FREE with participation in the Energy and/or Recycle Challenge.

*If you are unable to pay the Registration Fee you may request a scholarship on the registration form.

More Information


During the 4-week Energy Challenge students, teachers and staff discover they have the power to save energy in their schools, and that their actions can translate into financial savings for their school, and positive change for the world.

Energy Challenge Instructions  >
Energy Challenge Data Worksheet Template  >

Energy Challenge Leaderboard  >

During the 4-week Recycle Challenge, schools compete for Bin Points by "recycling right" - improving recycling compliance rates and decreasing contamination. Bonus Points can be earned for additional waste reduction efforts such as composting or paperless communications. Weekly bin surveys provide instant feedback on your recycling efforts - no weighing required.

View Instructions (coming soon) >

The Green Cup Video Challenge showcases students’ talents and environmental passions. Creativity and individual style are encouraged! The video challenge is intended to create awareness about lowering energy use, recycling, reducing waste, and rethinking consumption.

View Instructions (coming soon) >

Looking for the results from 2017? They can be found in the Success Story section of this group. Check it out.


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