Gain the skills and experience to be a sustainability champion in your community!


As a member of the community, you can:

Sc3 - Student Conservation Corps and Congress
Develop leadership skills at our week-long Student Conservation Corps & Congress training.
motivate change at your school
Learn more about sustainability through resources and discussions found in the Resource Center.
Get free online space, for groups of 2 or more, to organize and manage your student club efforts.
challenges and contests
Find nationwide competitions and challenges that your school or student club can participate in.
Stay informed with what students are thinking about by reading their blogs. Maybe you can be a blogger!
community campaigns
Take your efforts to the next level and get ideas for your a community campaign or project.

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"I discovered that all over the country, and all over the world, there are people who value nature and who really believe we can save the world. It gave me a new perspective; it showed me people are small, but the differences they can make are big!"  
— Sarah, Sc3 participant, 2015

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Check Out the Student Blogs

  • Farmers Markets Nourish More Than Just Your Taste Buds: Why You Should Shop Locally
    On the list of things I love, farmers markets are at the top. To me, they represent the intersection of the bygone era of simplicity and the modern age of communication. A farmers market’s old-timey yet timeless character provides us with two the things we want--and need--most: friends and food.   more
  • Coffee: The Drink We Depend On Is “Endangered”
    Did you ever think that a drink that appears so abundantly is actually at risk of becoming scarce? Coffee, a drink that many of us enjoy on a daily basis is threatened. Not only is coffee an easy method to boost energy, but it is also a large part of different cultures around the world, especially in Uganda. Although the dwindling supply of coffee trees could potentially negatively impact coffee-drinkers globally, it will hit the local Ugandan economy much harder.   more
  • Your 9-Step Guide To A Planet-Happy Thanksgiving
    Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude and reflection, but often, we are so swept up in details and obligations that we forget to take the time to appreciate everything our Earth has, literally, brought to the table. With these 9 steps, make this Thanksgiving your greenest yet.   more