Gain the skills and experience to be a sustainability champion in your community!


As a member of the community, you can:

Sc3 - Student Conservation Corps and Congress
Develop leadership skills at our week-long Student Conservation Corps & Congress training.
motivate change at your school
Learn more about sustainability through resources and discussions found in the Resource Center.
Get free online space, for groups of 2 or more, to organize and manage your student club efforts.
challenges and contests
Find nationwide competitions and challenges that your school or student club can participate in.
Stay informed with what students are thinking about by reading their blogs. Maybe you can be a blogger!
community campaigns
Take your efforts to the next level and get ideas for your a community campaign or project.

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"I discovered that all over the country, and all over the world, there are people who value nature and who really believe we can save the world. It gave me a new perspective; it showed me people are small, but the differences they can make are big!"  
— Sarah, Sc3 participant, 2015

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Check Out the Student Blogs

  • Biod 2
    Biodiversity In Coral Reefs: What Is It And How Can We Protect It?
    Biodiversity is a measure of the variety of species in ecosystems where all are interrelated; every species has an important role in the systems' productivity and survival. However, the biodiversity of coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean, especially near Hawaii, is becoming endangered due to overfishing in already threatened areas.  more
  • National Parks 1
    Eliminating Our National Parks
    President Donald Trump announced that he plans to significantly reduce the size of both the Bears Ears National Monument and Grand Staircase National Monument in Utah. These actions hold great importance as they will set a precedent for the future regarding the president's power and authority when it comes to environmental conservation.      more
  • CM 2
    Involvement In The Climate Museum
    Roughly four years ago, social media users thought of establishing a Climate Museum in New York City. When my sister told me about this, I was so excited because it is just what the city needs: a place to educate people about climate change through art. New York City is a major coastal metropolis and is growing increasingly vulnerable to climate change. more