A Green Fundraising Solution

You can achieve your fundraising targets with a product that’s inline with health and wellness policies and that cares for our environment. ForestNation empowers teachers and youth leaders around the world to foster the connection between nature, humanity and the stories, which bind us together. Grow your own tree and ForestNation will plant a matching tree in a developing country.

Make a Big Impact

Tree Kits are a socially responsible and sustainable learning activity. Students will learn about caring for the environment and caring for each other. Your school will engage and connect with your local community. Students will grow their trees from seed and learn about other people in developing countries doing exactly the same thing. Imagine how excited they will be knowing that another tree will be planted in a developing country to match the one they are growing.
About the Tree Kits

The Tree Kits have everything you need to grow your own tree – biodegradable cup and lid, growing pellet, tree seed, and instruction leaflet. ForestNation will send you the best tree species specially selected for your area. Each Tree Kit has it's own unqiue identifying code, so you can register your tree online, upload photos and share growing experiences.

It is really easy to start!
1. Order the tree kits before or after you fundraise.
Before: Purchase Tree Kits in quanitities of 50 and have them on hand to sell at your event.
After: Use fundraising form templates to pre-sell Tree Kits and then place your order later.
2. Fundraise anyway you like and add on any profit margin.
    Schools normally sell the tree kits between $5 and $10 each.
3. Use environmental education lesson plans and resources to educate and motivate your students.

Start Now!

Pledge to Plant

ForestNation understands that you may not be able to start the fundraiser right now, but you can pledge to fundraise with the tree kits and implement it later in the year. Pledge to Plant


Sample Event - Success Story

The good people from New Morning Farm hold weekly farmer’s markets in the Washington, D.C. area.  Recently they allowed Green Schools Alliance to set up a display table so that we could demonstrate how these types of events can be used to raise both money and awareness for your school by using tree growing kits. We were given a shady spot to set up our table, right near the check-out line.

Here are some key points to consider for your event:
  • We had two cups with trees already sprouting on the table, which really grabs attention. Of course, having kits in sprouting stage requires a bit of pre-planning and timing, but it’s well worth the effort.  Ideally, we would have had 4-5 cups in sprouting stage, the more the merrier. We also added a three-month old honey locust tree that had outgrown a cup and had been repotted into a bigger container.  It was nice to have it on display, but it wasn’t necessary.
ForestNation sparking curiousity  
  • These tree kits are not a commonly recognized thing, so they sparked people's curiosity and questions. Consequently, we highly recommend a simple stand-up sign with short, clear verbiage.
  • Having a number of kits on the table and ready to distribute is recommended, since these also can be used to show off the ‘before’ stage.
  • At this one event we just asked for ‘donations’ to the Alliance and let the people decide how much to give.

The bottom line:
After a few hours we had distributed around 80 kits, raised a few hundred dollars and distributed dozens of pieces of literature*. The tree kits were a great way to engage the community, raise money, and do so in a way that communicates a positive message.  It worked!

*NOTE: Most people at this market were not familiar with the Alliance, unlike your school (which will likely be well known in the community), so we took advantage of the interest created by the tree kits to distribute a lot of literature for the Alliance.  Your event can be a great opportunity to talk to the community about your school's sustainability efforts, i.e. make the best use of someone’s attention while you can!  The end results were quite positive. 

Many thanks to Farmer Jim Crawford of New Morning Farm for allowing us to have some space at his market!
Sparking kid's curiosity, picture taken at Earth Day Texas, May 2016