Climate Action Academy 332
Climate Action Academy
The Climate Action Academy (CAA) is a virtual training program on climate change, action-oriented learning, and green solutions for educators that teach grades 6-12. The aim of the CAA is to include these topics in the curriculum and to better prepare educators to teach about climate change through an interdisciplinary perspective not limited to mathematics and science, but also through geography, civic education, arts, history, and foreign language, among others.

The whole program requires an online commitment of 10 hours, over the course of 4 weeks starting on January 18, 2021. You can view the course outline on the Teachable platform: 👍
Date & Time
Monday January 18th, 2021
End Date & Time
Monday January 18th, 2021
Target Audience
Register by Janurary 18, 2021

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Date & Time: 01/18/2021