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How do I update my profile information and photo?

Your profile is one of the most important steps to joining a community. A complete profile with a profile photo helps other users view you as the complex human you are rather than another digital avatar. To navigate to your profile, you can click on the small photo next to your name at the top of every page or you can click on the
ACCOUNT dropdown menu from the top nav menu, and click “My Profile”.

User Tools.png

When you land on your profile page, click EDIT PROFILE in the left column, to open the Edit Profile form. The Edit Profile form looks like this:

GSA Profile.png

Try to answer each question as completely as you can. Scroll down the page all the way to the bottom and click SAVE when you’re done. Each field is searchable in our search engine and allows members to find members by location or by interests, etc.

Next, click on the “Change Profile Photo” link below the icon on the right if you don’t have a profile photo already. When the pop-up opens, browse to the photo file you want to upload. On the next screen, you have the option to “Share in Gallery” and “Make this my profile photo.” Check “Share in Gallery” to share the photo in the community gallery. You must check the “Make this my profile photo” box in order to have the photo appear on your profile. Give the photo a title and click POST.

Profile Photo.png

Review your profile to make sure that everything looks the way you expect it to, then you’re done! Now get out there and start connecting. Please let us know if you have any questions!

How do I change my email address?

Click on the account icon and choose "MY ACCOUNT".
Here you can change your email address and password. Don't forget to click "Save Changes"


How do I change my Account Settings and Notifications?

One of the key functions of our online community is notifications. You can get notifications for a lot of activity that’s happening in the community, including discussion posts and replies, when new resources are added, when members join a Group that you’re a part of, when members send you a private message and so on. Notifications help keep the community active because they’re your reminder - “Hey! Remember that great discussion on recycling? Someone just added a new post! Go read it.” In our busy lives, we all could use reminders. We want you to get the right amount of information and find the right balance. 

Here’s how to update your Subscriptions and Notifications to be sure you’re not overwhelmed by too many notifications or that you don’t get too few, so that you forget to come back to the community to get involved. 

Click on the person icon in the menu at the top of the page, or the person icon on the far right of the main menu, then My Account in the dropdown: 

User Toolbar.png

On the left, you will see the Account Menu. Here you can update the email and password you use to access the community, as well as what notifications you receive. 

The first tab "Account" allows you to update:
  • your name
  • the email you use to access the community (and where you receive all communications from the community)  
  • your password
  • a signature you can use across the community 
Update the information in the fields and be sure to click SAVE before moving on to the next tab. 

Next, you can update your privacy settings. Click on the Privacy tab and you’ll see a page similar to the screenshot below. As a general rule, we suggest keeping lines of communication open and allowing everyone within the community to contact you, since a primary goal of the community is to allow members to network and learn from each other. However, if you wish to keep some of your settings more private, you can do so here.   

Click on the Notification tab next. You’ll see a page similar to the screenshot below. Here you can manage the type of notifications you receive based on activity that occurs throughout the community. We recommend checking the top “All communication” checkbox so you can keep up with everything happening in the community, but if you feel like you’re getting too many notifications, feel free to edit the settings to be more specific to your interests. We highly recommend checking the “Blog subscription option” so that you can subscribe to all of our blogs and get updates when new posts are published.  

The last two steps allow you to update your subscriptions. Subscriptions and notifications allow you to receive updates about activity happening in the community, to allow you to keep up with conversations or find out when new content is added that is of interest to you. 

You can subscribe to any of the top level Forums, such as this Using the Community forum, as well as any or all of the GSA Blogs. 

Last, since so much action happens in the  Colllaboration Groups, you can also update your notifications and subscriptions for each group that you’ve joined.
My Account 5 Group Subscriptions.png

Click on the “Manage subscriptions for…” link for your Group name and you’ll be taken to a page that looks like the screenshot below, with the header Group Settings and options to subscribe to the Group’s discussion forums and blogs. You can also choose to be notified when new resources are added.

I know it’s a lot, but diving into these settings can really help make your community experience more personalized and help you receive the right information for you!

How do I sign up for the GSA Newsletter?

If you’d like to join our mailing list of members receiving the GSA newsletter every month, you can let us know by simply updating your profile. We’ve added a new option to the bottom of the profile form, asking if you’d like to receive the GSA Newsletter. If you would, please go edit your profile and select Yes and click SAVE.
GSA Connect Profile Detail.png