Want to connect and collaborate with your network easier?
Want to save money?


With a presence in the Green Schools Alliance community, you can:

  • Access ready-to-use collaboration groups designed to more efficiently access your network and streamline communications
  • Expand your presence in the school sustainability community so champions can more easily find and use your services
  • Use the GSA Purchasing Solution for your organization - save money, improve access to quality products and services, and simplify purchasing

Collaboration groups provide you the ability to:

  • Educate and inform your group members
  • Share photos, videos, and resources
  • Easily find and message interested people
  • Invite and manage group membership
  • Make your group private or open to the public

A collaboration group is ONLY $10 a month paid annually, just $120 a year!


To start your collaboration group, please follow these instructions:


1. Purchase an annual group subscription:
  • Click the BUY NOW button below
  • Fill out and confirm your payment information
  • Paypal will redirect you to "How to Create your Group" instructions
2. Create your Collaboration Group (instructions)
  • Your group will be approved once payment is confirmed
  • You will be notified when your group has been approved!

NOTE: Site interaction is for educational and support purposes. NO blatant soliciting (i.e. you may answer a question in a resource group discussion, let them know you're available for questions, or invite them to join your group to learn more, but not heavily advertise your services). Please see our Community Guidelines.