A "School-based" group is defined as people working within one school (school professionals, student green team or club, PTA)


A "District-based" group is defined as people working to connect across two or more schools, or at the district-level.

A "GSA-focused" groups are Green School Alliance affiliates, chapters, advisory councils, program participants, etc.


An "Allies" group is defined as a non-profit or other non-school-affiliated organization working to connect their network of people.



If you have 2 or more people who want to have an interactive online space to organize school, club, district, or community sustainability efforts, Green Schools Alliance can provide that space!


With a collaboration group, you can:

  • Discuss projects
  • Share photos, videos and resources
  • Easily find and message other members
  • Invite and manage membership
  • Make your group private or open to the public

4 types of collaboration groups:

  • SCHOOL-BASED: people working within one school
    (This can be a whole school, student or adult green team, PTA, student club, etc.)
  • DISTRICT-BASED: people working to connect across two or more schools or at the district-level
  • GSA-FOCUSED: Green School Alliance affiliates, chapters, advisory councils, and program participant groups
  • ALLIES*: Non-profits and any other non-school-affiliated organizations working to connect their network of people

Collaboration groups are FREE for school-based and district-based groups!

* ALLIES: Non-profits and other non-school-affiliated organizations can get a collaboration group for a small annual fee. Learn more

3 easy steps to start your collaboration group:


1. You must be a member of the online community.

Only current members can create a group. You must be logged in!
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2. Read the Group Admin instructions.

Each collaboration group must have a group administrator who is responsible for editing details, controlling membership, and internal messaging.
Group Admin Instructions

3. Create your collaboration group.

  • Group Name: This should include the full name of your school, district or organization, with no acronyms (if possible). This is how people will search for your group. (If you refer to your school as JJHS, there might be several other schools nationwide with the same acronym.)
  • Group Category: Choose the type of group; school-based, district-based, or allies. Having the right group category is important for sorting and searching. 
  • Group Photo: Add a photo; maybe your team, school, district, or organization logo.
  • Group Description: Add further details about your group, what the group does and who can join. You can include photos and videos. This page can be seen by all community members.
  • Group Location: Include location information. This is used for search functions and mapping on the website.
If you see a green button below, you can go ahead and create your group!  You will be notified when your group has been approved.
If you do NOT see a green button below, your first step is to login or become a member.