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Think Green Zambia

dd123cb5429915ca6b643725987ddae5-huge-b5Zambia is among the top ten countries in the world facing high levels of deforestation. 70% of the population lives in rural areas where they depend on charcoal and firewood for lighting and cooking. Children walk long distances to search for firewood because forests have diminished, by the time they retrieve the firewood, they are too tired or late to go to school. This has led to children dropping out of school. They also get exposed to many forms of abuse. 

I decided to form an NGO called Think Green Zambia, developed around afforestation. I started picking seeds and developing son nurseries. We donate trees to families in the villages so they can plant and start harvesting. 

Currently, Think Green Zambia is trying to c3137d24f7a173b9060ed6c5a375732a-huge-b3mitigate the effects of deforestation by planting more trees in schools and communities.  We give vegetable seedlings to schools and have managed so far to donate more 20,000 trees and also established organic gardens. The schools also donate some money to organizations surrounding sustainability.

It hasn't been an easy journey raising trees and gardens because we have never had ready access to any form of funding. However, this has not stopped us from achieving our dreams. I would like to encourage every school and community that has embarked on environmental protection and sustainability to never lose their vision but to work hard even challenges are there.

Together we can change our world. We can and we will.

We have managed to implement a lot of programs through commitment and hardworking. Determination is the keys to every success story.
Posted by petronella Biyela on May 21, 2018 1:00 PM America/Chicago


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