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  • Sustainability Through Student Voices Conference
    Success At The Sustainability Through Student Voices Conference
    The third annual Sustainability Through Student Voices conference took place Saturday, April 14th at The Town School in New York City. This conference is unique in that it is the result of a year-long close collaboration between students and teachers. It is designed to empower students, teachers, administrators, and parents to implement systemic ... more
  • Think Green Zambia
    Think Green Zambia - Promoting A Greener, Cleaner Environment Through Reforestation
    Zambia is among the top ten countries in the world facing high levels of deforestation. 70% of the population lives in rural areas where they depend on charcoal and firewood for lighting and cooking. Children walk long distances to search for firewood because forests have diminished, by the time they retrieve the firewood, they are too tired or late to ... more
  • Success
    Sanskriti The Gurukul -- One School's Sustainability Journey
    As an educational organization, we share the responsibility of building our nation, as the creators of future citizens. Taking this thought forward, Sanskriti The Gurukul decided to own their responsibility and do their part in conserving the environment by taking the following small steps:   more
  • baseball mitt
    Three STRIKES, Lights OUT!
    It can be difficult to find ways to engage students in environmental sustainability projects, but adding some friendly competition can go a long way. The Fenn School in Concord, Massachusetts is using America’s favorite past-time, baseball, to encourage students to be more conscious of electricity use.    more
  • Food Revolution Students
    In Dubai, A Garden Cultivates Community
    Dubai is an inhospitable place to build a garden. In a city on a 'fast track' to the future, at the hub of futuristic innovation, lies the American School of Dubai (ASD). With a population of roughly 1850 students from all parts of the world, and with plans for expansion in the coming two years, it wouldn’t seem that ASD would be the ideal spot for a sustainable garden.   more
  • Stacey JensenSTAR
    Farm-to-Table With Indigenous Food At The STAR School In Arizona
    The students at the STAR School, an off-grid solar powered school serving Navajo students in northern Arizona are growing and serving indigenous food in their cafeteria.  Here are some of the recipes we enjoy!    more
  • FVS Land Manager
    Small Seeds Bring Great Harvest To Fountain Valley School!
    The seeds of an idea formed last May, and this year those seeds turned into a harvest as the new community garden brought a bounty of goodness to the Fountain Valley School dining room.   more
  • leaves
    Improving Composting Through Local Leaf Collection
    Here’s a recipe for excellent garden mulch, enough to nourish the soil to feed a school. Start with 10-15 tons of leaves, gathered during the fall from homes and businesses in the Village of Barnesville. Add cattle and goat manure, stir the mixture, and allow the temperature within the piles to rise. Turn regularly, over several months. There, you’ve ... more
    Pine Jog: A Campus Designed For Sustainable Living
    Pine Jog's mission is to develop a community of environmentally conscious learners who value and respect themselves, others and the world we share. We accomplish this through a collaborative effort between our school, the Pine Jog Environmental Education Center and Florida Atlantic University. Pine Jog Elementary provides an eco-friendly ... more
  • St. Andrews Austin
    Saint Andrew's Episcopal School Students Green Their School
    This story was written by Read Barbee, a student at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School. St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is private school in Austin, Texas that has provided students with a top-notch education and a strong, supportive community since 1952. First open to students in grades 1-6 in the heart of downtown Austin, the school added a new Upper School ... more
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