Executive Director's Corner: Empowering Youth Leaders

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Think about when you were “young”, when someone close to you may have said that you could be whatever you wanted to be when you grow up. What did you do with that knowledge? Did you find what you love to do and learn more about it? Did you go back to your room and play more video games? Did you apply yourself to your studies and get good grades so you could get the job of your dreams? Or did you not have the support structures in place to excel in your chosen path? Just sit for a moment and reflect on YOUR journey.

aa0b4d98c8573f9c742085d962f9be0d-huge-miThe current generation is growing up much more environmentally and socially responsible and aware than previous generations. In a 2013 social impact study, when companies support these causes, millenials were more likely to buy that company’s product (90%). However, only 15% of consumers believed that those companies can make significant progress on these issues and only 21% believes their purchase had any significant impact. We’re helping our children grow up to be more sensitive to issues facing our planet through sustainability education. They just don’t have much faith in the system to get it done.

6aacc5eb177c1872062bd38d899381ac-huge-osThat’s where we need to focus our efforts. Why can’t we change the system so our youth feel empowered to take the reins and actually affect change. Let’s improve the way we operate our schools so that we’re “walking the walk”. We need to provide students with an environment where they can make a difference and are equipped with the knowledge and skills to do so. Let’s provide the opportunity for our students to speak out and be heard, with support along the way, so they realize dreams can happen with a lot of hard work.

The Green Schools Alliance community is filled with students’ reflections on leadership and how they want to create change. These stories are inspiring accounts of how school environment ignites action in a community.  As we continue to move toward the realization of a sustainable world, empowering the youngest among us will transform their ideas of what they can do. Children who feel like they can make a difference will go far beyond our expectations, redefining the impossible, and change the world!

Resource: http://www.conecomm.com/insights-blog/csr-and-millennials
Posted by Sharon Jaye on Feb 15, 2018 8:03 AM America/Chicago


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