Points And Badges And Challenges, Oh My!

Getting to Know you Badge
Hi Alliance Community!

We’re getting ready to take things up a notch and have some fun! We’re rolling out a new Badge and Points system to reward our most active users, identify some of our key contributors and highlight the things you do that help and inspire others!  You can see a full breakdown of Badges and Points here, but here are some highlights:


Points are given to reward you for things you already do in the community that help to engage and support other members; such as replying to discussions, making a friend, or commenting on a blog. Most activities in the community have a point value. These points are cumulative and earn achievement badges! They also help newcomers identify those that might have a lot of experience to share, to help guide their efforts. The more you do the more badges and points you receive!

So, what are BADGES?

Badges show up on your profile page and some appear under your picture in discussion forums. There are four main categories of Badges, described below.

CHALLENGE Badges are where we can REALLY have some fun! Throughout the year we will introduce different challenges so that you have the opportunity to earn them. These are exclusive badges that are ONLY available during specific challenges and are awarded on a weekly basis*.

To kick this off, we are introducing a new Getting to Know You CHALLENGE!  The purpose of the challenge is to reacquaint yourself with the community, meet some new members and to connect with peers doing similar projects. During the challenge, you will get DOUBLE points for the following activities:Get-to-know-you.png

Updating your profile pic (Now 20 points instead of 10!)

Completing or updating your user profile  (Now 20 points instead of 10!)

Introducing yourself in the Members Forum (Now 100 points instead of 50!)

IN ADDITION to the extra points - you will receive your "Getting to Know You" Badge upon completing at least TWO of the THREE items above! **
(Isn’t the badge cute? That’s going to look AMAZING on your profile!)

Just by completing the above challenge you will be halfway to the first Achievement Badge!

ACHIEVEMENT Badges are earned through accumulating points by doing activities in the community. The points add up quickly and you’ll be moving up the seven mastery ranks to Champion in no time! Here are a few for example:


ACTION Badges are how we reward you for your community contributions such as: sharing things on social media, liking other people’s posts, joining groups, or starting discussions within groups. There are four levels of mastery on each action badge. There are over a dozen action badges! Let's look at a couple:


ROLE Badges are not earned. They serve to identify a person’s position in the sustainability world, or their function within our community, based on the role you selected upon joining. Some examples include: School Professionals, Non Profit Leaders, Bloggers, etc. You will also notice Leadership Badges on schools that have made a Leadership commitment. There are a dozen role badges, here are a few of them:


So update your pic, update your profile and/or introduce yourself so that we can all "Get to Know You" in the community. The more we share, the more we can help and support one another to create healthier, more sustainable schools and future environmental champions!

If you have any questions, just reach out to Scarlet, your resident Community Director.  Thanks!

*Challenge Badges are awarded manually, so it may take up to a week for it to show up on your profile. You'll be sent a message when it is awarded!

**Getting to know you Challenge is NOT retroactive. HOWEVER, if your picture and profile info is already up to date, you may still earn the badge by Introducing yourself in the Members Forum!
Posted by Scarlet Current on Oct 16, 2017 11:17 AM America/Chicago


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