Announcing The Winners Of The 2017 Green Cup Recycling Challenge

Green CUp Challenge
We have had a fantastic 2017 Green Cup Recycling Challenge.  Thanks to our amazing participants for all of your hard work!  You found so many creative ways to improve recycling at your schools, educating your school communities about recycling right, instituting school-wide waste reduction campaigns and policies and holding classroom challenges.  Your actions made a huge difference!  Here are the RESULTS!



First Place: Chapin School Princeton - Princeton, NJ

Chapin School Princeton earned the greatest number of Bin Points this year!  Congratulations!!!  Not only did they improve recycling, but they made great improvements on overall waste reduction by getting everyone involved.  Here are few highlights from their awesome program:
  • Trash Free Tuesdays were held in the lunchroom!  The Upper School competes with the Lower School for the title of "Trash Free Titans" throughout the school year.
  • The school promotes composting and recycling everyday in the offices, classrooms and the lunchroom.a563ef99cf0af2b25c61e3c7262e4174-huge-ch
  • The administration uses email and the school website for all announcements to parents every week.
  • Students use reusable water bottles & fill them at bottle filling stations throughout the school.
  • The 6th grade Sustainability class makes reminder signs about recycling and waste reduction (reusing) to post throughout the school.
  • A copy paper reduction challenge was held for the faculty & staff to cut down on paper consumption.
  • The Parents Association used the Sustainable Party Guide on the school website for all events.
  • Students using reusable lunch containers are highlighted monthly in the parent communications.

Second Place: Rye Country Day School - Rye, NY39180ff8a8729d5cd8ef4a055ffbf5d1-huge-ry

Coming in at second place, Rye Country Day ran a strong Green Cup Recycling Program by getting their school community involved and having fun!  Check out some of their innovative actions:
  • The school ran a Food Waste audit using a scale and clear bins so students could visualize the amount of waste.
  • Reusable bottles, mugs, plates and utensils were provided in the dining hall.
  • Food waste from the dining hall and faculty rooms was composted for use in the campus gardens.
  • A daily food waste audit was conducted of all food waste from the dining hall.dd2f0c54d841bb2fb8a41c30b4aba05c-huge-ry
  • Battery recycling bins were placed at various locations around school.
  • The First Grade took a field trip to the local Material Recovery Facility to learn about where the recyclables go!
  • Regular e-mails, morning meeting announcements, and video announcements were sent out for Middle School students about reducing waste and recycling.
  • Daily food waste data was displayed on a TV screens in the cafeteria and on a bulletin board.


The following schools did a great job this year getting the word out about the importance of recycling right and encouraging students to reduce and reuse!  Way to go!!

Cate School - Carpinteria, CA
Packer Collegiate Institute - Brooklyn, NY
John Hancock College Prep High School - Chicago, IL


Essex County Vocational Technical School - West Caldwell Tech School - West Caldwell, NJ

Students at West Caldwell Tech School worked to educate their school community using a combination of creative approaches -including:  enforcing the school’s recycling and composting policies, holding a month long environmental classroom challenge where the entire school was encouraged to increase waste reduction compliance, increase environmental education, and serve the community, celebrating a Live Waste/Waist Free Day that encouraged students and faculty to produce zero waste and shut down all printers, while students got to free their waste by wearing sweat-pants, and becoming an EPA Waste Wise partner to track annual waste reduction data and audit data. As a result they were able to significantly improve their recycling program, increasing Bin Points and proving they are true Recycling Superstars!!

Be sure to join the Green Schools Alliance Community to stay in touch and get the latest information on the 2018 Green Cup Challenges. Have a GREAT summer!

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