Join Us At 2 Fun Earth Day Events In New York City

Climate March
Daybreaker Dance Party - April 19: Daybreaker events, you can dance your face off before work, feel gloriously healthy and participate in something greater than ourselves.  Earth Day March for Science NYC - April 22:  March to celebrate your love and support of science.

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Wednesday, April 19, 7 - 9 a.m.
Location TBA, NYC
(Location is announced after registration)

In honor of Earth Day, Daybreakers are celebrating thier favorite things that have ever walked the earth (or just floated out in the milky way). Let’s come together for a fun adventure of INTERGALACTIC SAFARI: ANIMALS & ALIENS.

Herd up all your favorite mammals and then DRESS UP in whatever keeps you weird… alien sunglasses, animal onesies, whiskers, reflective pants and sneakers.

They are donating 5% of all proceeds to Green Schools Alliance.


•  Featuring Emcee Elliott LaRue  DJ Sammy Bananas - one of the DJs For Climate Action
•  Special surprises & performances
•  Free coffee, juices & breakfast treats

Get your tickets here  - See you on the dance floor!



0395ae7a90cd69daf0cd54dcf3e27e45-huge-clEarth Day - MARCH for Science

Saturday, April 22, 10:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Meet at 72nd St. & Central Park W.
(Only enter through Columbus – west side)

Earth Day March for Science NYC is a celebration of our love of science. Let’s take this opportunity to applaud the fierce dedication and insatiable curiosity that has driven our science community to give birth to inconceivable innovation and groundbreaking discoveries that affect our daily lives.

Please DO NOT put your sign on a wooden stick/post. You can either hold your sign or tack it onto a cardboard tube.

Also, two years ago during the Climate March there was a lot of garbage left behind. Let’s learn from our mistakes and pack out what you pack in. We will be bringing a large plastic bag to collect trash along the way and encourage you to do the same!

Looking for a cool sign idea:

Register for the march  - Take only photos and leave only footsteps!


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