Be An Imperfect Environmentalist


Previously, when I thought of a “perfect” environmentalist, I pictured someone who composts every day, leaves zero waste, bikes and walks everywhere, and has a minimalist closet of only thrifted clothes. But I realize now that just like everything else in life, achieving “perfection” is impossible. Even the ideal environmentalist I just described is not perfect. Read on to see why imperfections make better environmentalists. 


There is no set image of what an environmentalist should look like. It is different for everyone. For some it might be reading environmentalist literature, for another, it might be growing their own vegetables, or it might be attending environmentalist rallies. We all live with different circumstances, budgets, and environments. Simply being aware of your environmental impact and consciously considering said impact when making decisions is already a huge step into environmentalism. Recognize your mistakes as places to grow and improve on. Environmentalism is not a contest. 


So don’t worry if you can’t pack up your life and move to an off-the-grid home in the forest or start a composting revolution (although if you are willing, be the environment’s guest!), just take environmentalism one small step at a time. Approaching sustainability and environmentalism can be daunting for many, so normalizing imperfections can help make environmentalism more accessible! 

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Posted by Lena Wu on Mar 5, 2021 9:00 AM America/Chicago

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