A Sustainable And Covid-free Halloween


Halloween this year will look a little bit different than we are used to, but Halloween and fall can still be both fun and memorable. Here are some ideas to make the most of your Halloween while being sustainable and Covid-precautious!

Carve pumpkins outside with your friends or family. Buying pumpkins from local farms or farmers’ markets is a great way to support local businesses and also ensure that your pumpkin is not traveling far distances to get to you. Not only are pumpkins a sustainable decoration, carving them is a Covid-safe activity that is still a lot of fun!

After you carve your pumpkins, don’t throw out the insides! There are a lot of tasty recipes you can make at home with pumpkin. You could roast the pumpkin seeds, make pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, or even make your dog very happy by baking pumpkin peanut butter dog treats! There are many benefits to making homemade recipes: you are making sure that none of your pumpkin goes to waste, you know all of the ingredients in what you are eating, and your food does not go through being processed and transported to your local grocery store.


Put together a Halloween costume yourself. The most sustainable Halloween costumes are the ones that come from your own closet. Use clothes you already have to dress as your favorite movie or book character, your favorite animal, or even get creative and be your favorite fruit! In addition, decorate your mask to be a part of your costume.

Go on a Halloween scavenger hunt around your neighborhood. Even though trick-or-treating may not be the top activity this year, that’s no reason not to walk around your neighborhood with your family or friends. Show off your homemade costumes as you search for spooky things such as a carved pumpkin, a ghost decoration in front of somebody’s house, a spiderweb, or trees changing colors. Just be sure to maintain a safe social distance from others to keep yourself, your family and community safe and healthy! 

Other fun Halloween/Fall activities include: 45de0c5d669cc3e575d7949ee3ce25b0-huge-da

  • Halloween trivia 
  • Watching a Halloween-themed movie with family or over zoom/socially distanced outside with friends
  • Creating DIY Halloween decorations and decorating your house
  • Taking advantage of the fall weather by going on a hike or having a picnic and jumping in piles of leaves!






Photos sourced from Unsplash/Allison Lupatkin

Posted by Courtney Horner on Oct 28, 2020 9:54 AM America/Chicago

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