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At Princeton Day School, there is a plethora of clubs and groups created with the sole intention to nurture and further enhance the passions of the student body. One such organization is EnAct, or Environmental Action club, which is one of the oldest clubs on campus.  


EnAct organizes several projects each year to drive sustainability initiatives at the school and to educate all of the students. The Harvest Festival, which occurs annually in the fall, is one such example. During this event, the students in EnAct help to prepare a dinner for over 150 people from the school community made from local produce. Local farmers are also invited to come to come to the event, which strives to support local farmers and remind the community of the benefits of local produce: fresher food and a smaller carbon footprint. Organized by the students with the help of a faculty member, Liz Cutler, this event is an example of the ways in which EnAct is making a difference in the school community.

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Meetings are held every Friday for the entirety of the school year. When the club is not organizing large-scale projects, such as the Harvest Festival, members discuss current events. Every week, a member of the club is tasked with giving a small presentation about new events that have occurred in the environmental field. This allows club members to really get a sense of what’s going on in the world around them and to help light the spark for activism.

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In the spring, members of the EnAct club work with other sustainability groups on campus to put on the Student Climate Conference. The conference aims to empower and inspire youth to take action to conserve the environment. This past spring the conference had nearly 100 attendees. The event was a success that truly served its motives, partially due to presentations by students from the Princeton Day School and other local institutions as the speaker, who is the Delaware Riverkeeper and activist, Mary Von Rossum.

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As one of the student leaders of EnAct, I have learned how to take action and become an activist myself. Whether it’s helping to plan the cooking for the Harvest Festival or reaching out for presenters from other schools for the Student Climate Conference, these skills are essential to learning how to become independent and how to carry out assignments. The events and programs that EnAct has held have not only inspired others in the school community to care about the environment but have also inspired me to become a leader in the environmental field.

Posted by Harjap Singh on Jul 17, 2020 7:40 AM America/Chicago


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