Utilizing Environmentalist Rage: A Letter Template

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I want my environmentalist rage and the rage of every environmentalist reading this to be more frequently put to good use. In my most recent blog, I shared a letter that I had written to the CEO of Hilton. This letter was a call to action that highlighted the economic and ecological inefficiency of investing in single-use plastic water bottles. I’ve created a template and tips below that will hopefully aid you in productively utilizing your societal frustrations. Solution-oriented mindsets are all that we need to make a difference. By tactfully proposing sustainable and economically advantageous alternatives to the managers and CEOs of waste-producing businesses, we can voice our desire as consumers to see sustainable practices put in place and spark consideration for environmental conscientiousness by tackling one issue at a time. I hope this letter template provides inspiration, guidance, and a vessel for your righteous environmentalist frustrations. Be creative, be bold, and the next time you see something wasteful, start writing.


Fun Holiday %u2013 Letter Writing Day


Dear name of CEO/manager,

I am a loyal customer who would like to propose an idea that might aid your business. I’ve noticed that name of business uses name of single-use product and had an idea for an economically and environmentally beneficial alternative.


Using approximations from name of business, I have found that you are spending about dollar amount per week on name of product.


The more economically and environmentally advantageous option that I am proposing would be investing in sustainable alternative which can be purchased for about dollar amount at possible site to purchase from.


(Insert Picture of Alternative)

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State the economic benefits of your sustainable alternative and research the amount of money the business invests each week in the single-use product in question. You can do this by either calling/visiting the business or using logical reasoning to determine rough numbers.

  1. Calculate the amount the business is spending per week on the single-use item or wasteful practice

    1. # of people using the item x number of items per person($ per each item)


I found my calculations by multiplying the number of Hilton honors members that one Hilton location receives per week x 2 water bottles provided to each one. I then took this number and divided it by 24 to determine how many 24 packs of water bottles needed to be purchased  (for about $5 each) per week.

  1. Then show the costs associated with your sustainable alternative. Show how long it would take for the initial investment to pay off and how much money the business could save after the pay off point.

a. Total cost of proposed alternative/cost per week of current investment = # of weeks until pay off 
b. Cost per week of current investment x 52 weeks in a year = $ amount saved in a year

In my letter to the CEO of Hilton, I proposed purchasing a water dispenser and 10 large, swing-top glass bottles in place of plastic water bottles. 10 glass bottles x $3 each = $30 $1,790 for one dispenser = $1,820 (one time payment).


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  1. Then calculate the environmental impact. Determine the number of single-use items used per the number of single-use items and then show the quantity of resources that could be conserved in total.

    a. # of single-use items per week x 52 weeks in a year = amount of items saved

After about amount of time this sustainable alternative will pay itself off and save your business an average of $ amount per year. By making this switch, you will also be saving about amount of plastic items saved.


By investing in alternative product you are showing that the name of business brand truly values and encourages sustainability. As a loyal consumer for amount of time I know that it would appeal to many of your consumers to send a message that you are reducing your carbon footprint and therefore advocating for future generations. This action to stop investing in single-use product will signify that your business cares about decreasing its waste and being environmentally friendly. After about amount of time until payoff the investment in alternative product will pay itself off and will begin saving you money.

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