A Matter Of Time

A Matter pf Time 1
Why do we all put important tasks off until the last minute? I've discovered that passion is the only remedy to procrastination.
Time is a funny thing. We have so much of it, and yet it seems to slip through our fingers like grains of sand. When I attended the Student Conservation Corps and Congress (Sc3) in 2017, the concept of time weighed heavily on my mind. 

To provide some background, I've always been an organized, punctual person: I turn in my school assignments on time, I wake up at the same time every morning, and I always arrive on time to class; I try to spend my time efficiently and meaningfully, and I don't tend to procrastinate.

That is until now. Ever since Sc3, I have felt burdened by time--or lack thereof--to formulate my Action Plan, the comprehensive strategy that every Sc3 fellow creates to implement environmental change in her school community. In fact, the Action Plan relies on a time efficiency--a student must meet deadlines to mark her progress, which ensures that the plan follows its mission. People told me it was easy to find time for the Action Plan. Yeah, so easy. Like riding a bike. Except you're blindfolded. And you're pedaling up a hill. And the bike is on fire.

Jokes aside, I truly did struggle to take the first step on my Plan. Questions floated around my head. I worried that my strategy, which included implementing a single-stream recycling program at my school, was too ambitious. In addition, I felt daunted by leading my school’s environmental club, which I had just established. In response, I panicked. Then procrastinated. As the knowledge of my own (yet non-typical) behavior sat with me, I realized I could no longer bear the discomfort of putting my Action Plan off.In my sudden flurry of motivation, I found unexpected productiveness. I dedicated time each day to my Action Plan and environmental club, emailing teachers, contacting facilities directors, researching effective recycling laws and regulations... you get the gist. In my work, the concept of time again appeared in my thoughts, this time less burdensome. I realized that the world, just like me, is putting off its most pressing and significant task: environmental action. We tell ourselves that we have plenty of time to solve the climate crisis. To reduce waste. To save endangered species.

But time is fleeting, and faster than it has before. Time cannot freeze the melting ice caps. Time cannot clear out a landfill. Time cannot save bee colonies if they're already gone. Time cannot reverse the devastating effects of natural disasters such as Hurricane Irma and Maria. Time cannot replant trees. Time cannot even stop.

If time couldn't write my Action Plan, it definitely can't care for our earth's poor condition. Unlike time, however, we can act as stewards of the earth. Humans have the knowledge, resources, and need to fix all the things that time cannot--we just have to stop procrastinating.

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Posted by Florence Kane on Oct 24, 2017 10:26 AM America/Chicago


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