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  • Improving Composting Through Local Leaf Collection
    Here’s a recipe for excellent garden mulch, enough to nourish the soil to feed a school. Start with 10-15 tons of leaves, gathered during the fall from homes and businesses in the Village of Barnesville. Add cattle and goat manure, stir the mixture, and allow the temperature within the piles to rise. Turn regularly, over several months. There, you’ve ... more
  • How Does St. Luke's Garden Grow? Through Teamwork!
    St Luke’s School in New Canaan, CT serves grade 5-12 students across 25 towns in New York and Connecticut. We have many ongoing environmental projects we are focusing on, including our outdoor classroom, vegetable gardens, vertical gardens, a solar powered hydroponic garden and a pollinator garden. Here are some specifics on how we built the ... more
  • Becoming A College Student And The Green Culture On Campus
    Trying to find humans’ place in the world, I have seen what we have become. I live in Vermont, and the idea of living more sustainably has followed me in my education since I started school. Having this initial green thumb, I have questioned these ideas frequently: will how I live really make a difference? Because of this, I have always been attracted to ... more
  • Going Back Green
    As a newly minted college freshman, I have spent the past month learning the ins and outs of a new campus, state, and way of life. Generally, colleges are leaders in sustainability, so integrating green habits into your daily life should be a breeze. Below are several environmental habits I’ve incorporated during my first few weeks of school.   1. Invest ... more
  • Three Thoughts For Motivating Your School To Go Green
    Another school year has begun! There’s likely a flurry of activity at your school as people settle into a new schedule with a full agenda of things to learn and do. If you’re focused on making your school more sustainable and green, you may also have your own list of ideas and goals for the year. Rock on! Yet, while you might be energized and ready to go green, ... more
  • Fact Or Fiction: Common Misconceptions About Vegans
    When it comes to the vegan diet, people are quick to judge. However, many of these assumptions are inaccurate. In order to determine the truth about veganism, I discussed the topic with several of my omnivorous friends, and my mother who has been a vegan for nearly two years.  more
  • Pine Jog: A Campus Designed For Sustainable Living
    Pine Jog's mission is to develop a community of environmentally conscious learners who value and respect themselves, others and the world we share. We accomplish this through a collaborative effort between our school, the Pine Jog Environmental Education Center and Florida Atlantic University. Pine Jog Elementary provides an eco-friendly ... more

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