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  2. YOU: REVIEW the Blogger Guidelines on this page.
  3. YOU: ENTER your blog text and photos using the Blog Submission Form.
  4. WE: REVIEW and proofread the content. If we have any questions, we'll will let you know.
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If you have any questions (or if you are not a community member but still want to blog) please email the community manager at gsaconnect@greenschoolsalliance.org.

Blogger Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to ensure the GREENSCHOOLSALLIANCE.org experience is an enjoyable, beneficial, and productive one for all our users. They boil down to common sense, basic courtesy, respect, and not using the site as a blatant advertising or spamming platform.  We reserve the right to reject content, at any time, for any reason. These guidelines apply to all content you contribute as part of the GREEN SCHOOLS ALLIANCE, including your profile and blog posts.

Whether you are a student, school professional or partnering organization, please keep in mind that our goal is to help share content that is relevant or helpful to the interests of Green Schools Alliance and its members. If you have content in question, just email us and we can help! The below are some simple guidelines to keep you on track.


  • Be sincere in your contributions. Post with purpose - to inspire, enable or share with fellow MEMBERS across the globe!
  • Lead by example. Add positive content that shares your opinion and experience, especially content that you think will be helpful to other members.
  • Keep it legal. Don’t get yourself into trouble by defaming others, posting adult content, plotting illegal activities, or posting other people’s private information.
  • Use best blogging practices:
    • Length can vary depending on content and topic. A post about a current event may be best communicated in 400-600 words, but a how to success story about how to build a school garden may require 1000. When sharing a success story, include HOW you achieved your results, so that others can follow in your footsteps!
    • Pictures are always helpful (we can help you find them!) Cite sources for any quotations, photos or sourced statistics at the bottom via a link.


  • Create content of a discriminatory or derogatory nature. Rich debate is wonderful, and you can do it without being offensive, humiliating or intimidating based on:
    •    race, color, ethnicity, nationality or physical characteristics
    •    gender or sexual orientation
    •    religion or non-religious viewpoints (i.e. secular humanism, atheism)
    •    political opinion
    •    socio-economic status
    •    age
    •    physical, mental or intellectual disability/impairment
    •    the ways people express themselves (people come from different cultures)
  • Create content which would be reasonably classified as 'adult'. Our audiences are educators and K-12 students. Your content should reflect that.
  • Defame, harass, flame or hold grudges. Sorry, this also includes politicians.
  • Post personal details or private information about any person (see our privacy policy).
  • Impersonate another person, including GREEN SCHOOLS ALLIANCE staff or authors.
  • Advertise commercial products or services – or openly accuse others of the same. We don’t mind if you include links to your personal blogs or websites in your blog post. However, when doing so, please make those links open up in a new window (i.e., insert the [target=”_blank”] tag into your html links) But commercial solicitation, or contributions solely designed to plug your business/ site, aren’t acceptable.


Reported abuse

All over our website you’ll see ‘Flag’ buttons that let members notify us of stuff that breaches the rules. If members flag your blog post as offensive or objectionable, the Alliance has the right to remove the post immediately and your permission to be a blogger on our community will be reviewed. You will be notified if this occurs.


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