About Green Schools Alliance

"The Alliance provides a catalyst for parent involvement and community participation. We are starting to find like-minded environmental organizations that want to partner with our school in creating sustainable programs."
     Herman Castaneda
     Green School, Bali Indonesia

"When the New York City Department of Education adopted its ambitious sustainability agenda, we needed to make a strong public statement about the importance of climate stewardship. Making the Green Schools Alliance leadership commitment showed clearly that New York City schools were committed at the highest level to facing our environmental challenges. The fact that the Alliance was created by schools and for schools made it the logical partner for recognizing our unique position as educators in this effort. As the first public school system to join the Alliance, I am so excited to consider our colleagues joining us in a collective force for positive change."

     John Shea, CEO
     NYC DOE Division of School Facilities, New York

"Linking with the Alliance has added valuable leverage to the UNIS Green effort. We've gained momentum thanks to the resources and expertise within the Alliance. And the power of making the pledge now holds us to this worthwhile commitment."

     Marc Magnus Sharpe, Dean of Students
     United Nations International School, New York

"'Going green' means so many things to different people, and despite our genuine commitment to sustainability, we were having difficulty focusing our efforts. Working with the Alliance has allowed us to find a community of like-minded schools and set challenging, but reasonable, goals. The Alliance's suggested benchmarks lent credibility to our efforts with our parents and board and helped us hold ourselves accountable."

     Julian Bull, Headmaster
     Campbell Hall School, California

"Our association with the Alliance has provided us with valuable resources and expertise, helping us to drive our green initiatives forward with confidence and the knowledge that we are part of a growing, and important, collective."

     Chris Marblo, Head of School
     The Town School, New York

"Our connection with the Alliance has helped energize and focus a nascent sustainability effort at North Shore Country Day School. We have been undertaking sporadic, disjointed efforts at environmental stewardship & sustainability for many years…Armed with information obtained through the Alliance, I believe our school will now be able to develop concrete metrics and objectives for the energy conservation/carbon footprint portion of our plan.…I think the Alliance, as an environmental forum for schools, will become a critical resource for all of us as we work to move the environmental sustainability needle 'measurably' forward."

     Julie A. Schmidt, Director of Finance
     North Shore Country Day School, Illinois

"NAIS is pleased to work with the Green Schools Alliance to help schools become greener. We encourage all independent schools to support the goals of the Alliance and to make a commitment to greater environmental sustainability, such as the Alliance pledge."

     Patrick F. Bassett. President
     National Association of Independent Schools

"The Colorado Springs School is excited about this opportunity to be part of this venture and look forward to experiencing a new attitude for our campus."

     Ron Marko, Chief Financial Officer
     The Colorado Springs School, Colorado

"Green Schools Alliance is all about helping your school become a global climate leader; consider signing the Alliance's K-12 Climate Commitment and joining a growing list of independent schools from across the country that are making sustainable, energy-smart solutions a priority. NAIS is an Alliance founding partner."

     Jefferson G. Burnett, Vice President, Government and Community Relations
     National Association of Independent Schools