Dr. Sharon Jaye, SFP, D.Ed., Executive Director
Based in Washington, DC

Before the Alliance, I was the sustainability director for the New York City school system. Before that, I worked in facilities and project management at a private school, private college, and public university. When Agnes Scott College became a charter signatory of the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment, I was put on my current path of integrating sustainable facility management with youth engagement as a way of making our schools a better place for our children.

I love what I do because I get to develop tools to make it easier for schools and students to understand sustainability and how they can make a difference. As a former Girl Scout and Gold Award Recipient, I’m passionate about developing systems to empower our youth to take charge!

When I’m not at work, I’m always looking for a new adventure, a new experience, or a new travel destination with my sister and son as co-conspirators. You can usually find me with a book in hand, listening to music, and chillin’ with friends and family.

Margaret (Peg) Watson

Margaret Howard Watson, President and Founder
Based in New York, NY

Before the Alliance, I was preparing for the Green Schools Alliance without realizing it. Trained as an architect, after participating in the 1993 Greening of the White House initiative of the Clinton Administration, I founded Global Environmental Options (GEO) to address sustainable building solutions. Highlights included: Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Denali National Park Charrettes, Habitat for Humanity, Mississippi Flood Plains, U.S.-Japan Charrette for post-earthquake Kobe, and a sustainable design and development workshop of more than 200 schools in China’s Sichuan Province following their devastating 8.0 earthquake.

I love what I do because I believe that GSA is making a difference to preserve and protect our shared future. I believe that schools are hubs of communities worldwide that can transform education, policy, markets and behaviour. As Senegalese forestry engineer and conservationist, Baba Dioum, stated in 1968, "In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught."

When I’m not at work, I hang out with my husband, Rob Watson, and son, Max, obsess about politics, explore the city, binge watch mysteries and the news, hike in the wilderness, and play with our dog, Bono, in Central Park.

Lynn Santiago-Calling, Director of Development
Based in Boston, MA

Before the Alliance, I worked at MIT managing volunteers and donors in honor of their milestone 50th Reunion. I have also worked with non-profit organizations furthering LBGTQ equality, empowering survivors of domestic violence, helping elders age with dignity, and educating youth about financial literacy. In these roles, I have engaged over 5,000 individuals as volunteers and have raised over $5,000,000.

I love what I do because I truly believe that everyone has a responsibility to leave the world a better place than they found it. As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” My work is fueled by empowering folks to see how their seemingly small actions can change the world.

When I’m not at work, you will me find hanging with my wife of 20 years, attending a Zumba class, and doing my best to educate my children to be good, kind people who acknowledge and celebrate the world’s differences, as well as the similarities that bring us all together.

Scarlet Current, Director of Communications and Community Engagement
Based near Chicago, IL 

Before the Alliance, I developed and produced sustainable events that have reached nearly 2 million people, and created communities to support them. Among them: Sustainival, an event highlighting energy literacy, ecology, and clean-technology education to communities throughout Canada; and the Green Apple Music and Arts Festival, America’s largest Earth Day celebration.

I love what I do because I’m passionate about developing meaningful communities, both online and in person. I love creating fruitful relationships that connect and support environmental champions.

When I’m not at work, I enjoy travel with my family and friends, seeing live music, tacos, and the occasional lazy Sunday.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry, Student Engagement Program Manager
Based in Hartford, CT

Before the Alliance, I enjoyed working with middle and high school students as a classroom science and math teacher, soccer and crew coach, and environmental club and Science Olympiad advisor. I was introduced to the world of sustainability as the school Recycling Coordinator which evolved into a newly created position of Sustainability Coordinator. Before working as an educator in schools, I was the Program Director for a children’s science center. My academic training was in Psychology with a research focus in Psychophysics and Psychobiology.

I love what I do because I create innovative solutions to seemingly overwhelming problems. By providing inclusive programs that inspire and empower students all over the world to work for change in their schools and communities, I see evidence every day of individuals working together for a more just, equitable and healthy world.

When I’m not at work, I can be found tromping through the woods with my family and hound dog, puttering around in my garden, cheering supportively from the sidelines of a youth soccer game, or transforming local fruits and vegetables into delicious treats with old family recipes (my specialties are dilly beans and rhubarb pie). I have a particular affinity for the waterfalls and vineyards of the Finger Lakes region of New York State where I spend as much time as possible with my extended family

Tara Perry, Student Engagement Development Manager
Based in Exeter, NH

Before the Alliance, I was the Founder and CEO of Epicus, working over the last decade alongside Jim Fowler of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom to build a global, action oriented and purpose driven wildlife, wilderness and environmental educational program. Before that, I worked in toy and consumer products marketing, education and family focused entertainment and technology. I created intellectual properties, TV programs, live shows and marketing campaigns designed to creatively connect with students with the end goal of triggering a natural and organic love of lifelong learning.   

I love what I do because it is so much fun and deeply emotional and satisfying to witness the magic of a natural and game changing connection being established between people and our natural world. That moment when we look into the eyes of another person or animal and organically realize that we are all equally vital to the health and welfare of our planet.  

When I’m not at work, I’m outdoors running, biking, enjoying all of the historic cities, towns and outdoor spaces around New England, playing with my dogs or treasure hunting in every antique store that I can find. I also spend my indoor free hours watching my beloved Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins and Celtics with my dogs Fenway and Bertuzzi and writing with the objective of one day authoring a tween, adventure and wildlife themed novel. My daughters, my mother and my dogs are the center of my world.

Arlae Castellanos

Arlae Castellanos, Sustainability Tracking Program Manager 
Based in New York, NY

Before the Alliance, I worked at an international high school in downtown Manhattan where I ran and developed the “Green Track” program; an initiative geared to teach youth about sustainability through course work, social action, and career exploration. Before that, I lived and worked in Africa developing educational permaculture gardens and teaching entrepreneurship.

I love what I do because I believe in equipping the next generation of leaders with the critical thinking skills necessary to handle the complexities of the world beyond the classroom. By demonstrating the value of personal observations intermingled with the ability to interpret scientific data, individuals will be better suited to comprehend the relationship between actions and outcomes in environmental systems.

When I’m not at work, I can be found wandering the halls of a museum, volunteering at my local community garden, engrossed in a book at the park, building at the woodshop, exploring on my bike, or simply sitting in my room drawing and painting while listening to a science podcast. In the winter, I head west to snowboard!

Gretchen Gigley, Strategic Partnership Manager
Based in Atlanta, GA

Before the Alliance, I worked in the private and nonprofit sectors in a variety of capacities as an educator, landscape architect/urban planner, and environmentalist.  Most recently, I served as Director of Education at The Clean Air Campaign where I led the OnAir Schools program expansion - growing participation from 20 to almost 900 school communities in 65 school districts and building more than 35 long-term strategic partnerships with nonprofits, foundations, businesses and government agencies.

I love what I do because I believe that strong, authentic strategic partnerships are crucial to effectively advance the environmental and education movements and support communities.  This position allows me to bring together partners from a broad range of backgrounds, areas of expertise, and regions - finding a common goals to build sustainable partnerships, expand our audience, avoid duplication of efforts, and connect communities.  

When I’m not at work, I love to spend time with my husband, 5-year-old son, and crazy hound dog running and playing outside, having living room dance parties (and yes, even the dog dances!) and conducting endless kitchen science experiments with my son.

Michelle Long, Web & Graphic Designer
Based in Washington, DC

Before the Alliance, I worked as a graphic designer at The University of Texas at Dallas, mostly for the School of Arts & Humanities, providing advertising for their programs and 70+ event season (I also supported many other departments at the university along the way). I am an award-winning designer with over 18 years of experience developing impactful designs for website collateral and all manner of print publications. I made the switch to the Alliance in January 2016 so I could help them reach their goals and make them look good while doing it.

I love what I do because I can use my artistic talents to create awareness of conservation issues and, in turn, try to change the world. I believe that every single person has the ability to make a difference and that starts with knowledge. If I can spark someone’s curiosity through my designs, and they learn something, then it is a job well done.

When I’m not at work, I am either dancing or going on an adventure. Living in the DC area where there is so much history, there is always something new (or old) to explore.

Natalia Chung, Online Communications & Community Coordinator
Based near Harrisburg, PA


Before the Alliance, I traveled internationally to spread the word about sustainability and environmental conservation. Most notably, I worked with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government as their social media coordinator and American brand ambassador in preparation for the 2020 Olympic Games. Their mission was to generate awareness for their sustainability initiatives and Japan's continuous efforts to transform into a Hydrogen Society. 
I love what I do because I believe that positive change can only be generated through community effort and educational initiatives. I want to be the spark that ignites the drive for change in others. 
When I'm not at work, I love blogging, Zumba, creating new recipes that are gluten-free and vegan-friendly with non-pesticide sustainable food, and playing with my kitten, Poof. I currently live and work on a sustainable farm that connects with our neighborhood through community supported agriculture and local outreach programs.

Veronique Pittman

Veronique Choa Pittman, Communications Support
Based in New York, NY

Before the Alliance, I worked as a web designer, wrote a “go-green” bi-weekly newsletter for my children’s school in New York City and served on 3 non-profit and 1 for-profit boards. My concern for biodiversity loss and a warming planet prompted me find an organization that could benefit from determination to inform the greatest number and grow the green schools movement.

I love what I do because I get to work with bright, self-motivated staff and students worldwide while also working on grassroots sustainability projects in my own community.  I feel I am using my diverse skill-sets in a constructive way that is helping safeguard future generations.

When I’m not at work, I volunteer on my town’s climate action task forces, produce participatory events, travel, cook, do outdoor sports, and dance to my favorite DJs at international festivals. I am particularly fond of eco-travel experiences that blend tourism and community action.



Rob Watson
Rob Watson, Chair
CEO, The ECON Group; Founder of LEED
Sam Kosoff
Sam Kosoff, Secretary
Director of Sustainability, The Lawrenceville School, NJ

Jen Boulden
Entrepreneur and media personality
Sarah Beatty Buller
Sarah Beatty Buller
Founder, The Green Depot

Hal Goldstein
Founder and CEO of NYCPromise
Ashok Gupta
Ashok Gupta
Director, Air and Energy Program,  NRDC
Ken Higgins
Ken Higgins
Director of Sustainability, The Town School

Francine Locke
Francine Locke
Environmental Director, School District of Philadelphia, PA
Sean Lynch
Sean Lynch
Proviseur/Head of School, Lycée Français de New York
Veronique Pittman
Veronique Choa Pittman
Activist, Social-Capitalist, and Cross Pollinator
Mark Sorensen
Dr. Mark Sorensen
Head of School, The STAR School, AZ
Margaret Howard Watson
Margaret Howard Watson
Founder and President, GSA



Frances Beinecke
Former Pres., Natural Resources Defense Council

Douglas Brinkley
Historian and Author

Dr. Virginia Burkett
Chief Scientist, U.S. Geological Survey

Ian Cheney

Peter de Menocal
Climate Scientist, Columbia University

Dr. Sylvia Earle
Oceanographer and Founder, Mission Blue

Jim Fowler
Naturalist, Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom

Paul Hawken
Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, and Author

Dr. Mitchell Joachim
Co-Founder, Terrefuge and Terreform One
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
President, Waterkeeper Alliance

Elena Kissel
Environmental Advocate, Lawyer

Jonathan Lash
President, Hampshire College

Amy Larkin
Author and Advocate

Tea Leone
Actress and UNICEF Ambassador

Barry Lopez
Author and Conservationist

Dr. Thomas Lovejoy
Tropical and Conservation Biologist

Amory Lovins
Co-Founder and CEO, Rocky Mountain Institute

Juan Martinez
Director, Natural Leaders Network
Bill McKibben
Environmentalist, Author, and Founder, 350.org

Curt Meine
Senior Fellow, The Aldo Leopold Foundation

Philip Moss
Associate Director, World Economic Forum

Dr. Robert Michael Pyle
Lepidopterist, Field Biologist and Author

Theodore Roosevelt IV
Chair, Center for Climate & Energy Solutions

Carl Safina, PhD
Author and President, The Safina Center

Diana Taylor
Vice Chair, Solera Capital LLC

David Yarnold
President & CEO, National Audubon Society