Arlae Castellanos
Executive Director & Sustainability Tracking Program Director
Based in New York, NY

Before the Alliance, I worked for a non-profit in downtown Manhattan developing and running the “Green Track” program.  An initiative geared to teach STEAM through project-based learning with a focus on solar for the developing world and sustainable architectural design.  Before that, I lived and worked in Africa developing educational permaculture gardens and teaching entrepreneurship.

I love what I do because I believe in equipping the next generation of leaders with the critical thinking skills necessary to handle the complexities of the world beyond the classroom. By demonstrating the value of personal observations intermingled with the ability to interpret scientific data, individuals will be better suited to comprehend the relationship between actions and outcomes in environmental systems.

Veronique PittmanVeronique Choa Pittman
Based in New York, NY

Before the Alliance, I worked as a web designer, wrote a “go-green” bi-weekly newsletter for my children’s school in New York City and served on 3 non-profit and 1 for-profit boards. My concern for biodiversity loss and a warming planet prompted me find an organization that could benefit from determination to inform the greatest number and grow the green schools movement.

I love what I do because I get to work with bright, self-motivated staff and students worldwide while also working on grassroots sustainability projects in my own community.  I feel I am using my diverse skill-sets in a construc

Kelly Harding
Communications / Grant Writer
Based in New York, NY

Before the Alliance, I worked with children and teens of all ages as an English and Humanities teacher at schools in South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, and Australia. I’ve always believed that teachers have a unique opportunity (and profound responsibility) to cultivate conscious global citizens by guiding younger generations to think critically and behave compassionately. Schools can be hubs for positive transformation, and that is why I joined Green Schools Alliance – to help accelerate the move towards a more sustainable, equitable future.

I love what I do because it matters – not just for the planet, but for people. The science is in: human behavior is impacting the planet in profound ways, and urgent systemic transformation is necessary to secure a bright future for ourselves and for future generations. I love the Alliance's approach to working collaboratively with schools, basing its strategies on science and research, and creating concrete mechanisms to facilitate and expedite the transformation. At the Alliance, I have the opportunity to pour my energy into my passions for education and sustainability and be a part of something that will create measurable positive change.

Taylor Grove
Based in Gerrardstown, WV

Before the Alliance, I worked in academia, lobbying, and the public sector. I did environmental policy work in Scottish Parliament and conducted food security research at the Pennsylvania State University in extreme climate scenarios. Most recently, I worked in the Communications department of the US Global Leadership Coalition, calling for a well-resourced international affairs budget.

I love what I do because I am given a conduit in which to channel my efforts to create a more sustainable and equitable future. There has never been as much urgency surrounding environmental issues as there is today. Ensuring that students and educators have the resources to convey the facts and inspire change makes every day exciting at GSA.

Katy PerryKaty Perry
Student Engagement Program Manager
Based in Hartford, CT

Before the Alliance, I enjoyed working with middle and high school students as a classroom science and math teacher, soccer and crew coach, and environmental club and Science Olympiad advisor. I was introduced to the world of sustainability as the school Recycling Coordinator which evolved into a newly created position of Sustainability Coordinator. Before working as an educator in schools, I was the Program Director for a children’s science center. My academic training was in Psychology with a research focus in Psychophysics and Psychobiology.

I love what I do because I create innovative solutions to seemingly overwhelming problems. By providing inclusive programs that inspire and empower students all over the world to work for change in their schools and communities, I see evidence every day of individuals working together for a more just, equitable and healthy world.

Gretchen Gigley
District Partnership Manager
Based in Atlanta, GA

Before the Alliance, I worked in the private and nonprofit sectors in a variety of capacities as an educator, landscape architect/urban planner, and environmentalist.  Most recently, I served as Director of Education at The Clean Air Campaign where I led the OnAir Schools program expansion, building more than 35 long-term strategic partnerships with nonprofits, foundations, businesses and government agencies.

I love what I do because I believe that strong, authentic strategic partnerships are crucial to effectively advance the environmental and education movements and support communities.  This position allows me to find common goals between organizations to build sustainable partnerships, expand our audience, avoid duplication of efforts, and connect communities.


Enola Hihi
Based in Phoenixville, PA

A little about me: I had never really considered myself sustainable/environmentally conscious until I learned about it in school and realized that my parents making us compost and garden our own veggies, or refusal of using AC and making sure we turned off lights was considered sustainable. I then went to college and decided to study how to make our cities and towns more sustainable, which brought me to the GSA.

I love what I do because living sustainably and promoting it has become ingrained in me. I love learning how people around the world live and many live much more sustainably than we do; I want to learn more and help spread that knowledge. Also, the people that I have met along the way are some of the most amazing people ever.

Lesley Mah
Based in Brooklyn, NY

A little about me: I’m originally from the Pacific Northwest, where I was constantly surrounded by luscious green trees. After moving to New York City, my appreciation for the beauty of nature grew much stronger. In addition, the realization that time is limited in the context of climate change, led me to GSA. On my free time, I enjoy running, reading, and spending time with the people I love.

I love what I do because I want to be more involved in climate change and sustainability initiatives beyond my personal actions. I believe educating young people about climate change strongly and positively shapes how they view the environment, which is why I believe in GSA's mission so much. 



Ava Hedecker '20
Courtney Horner '20
Florence Kane '17-'20
Robyn Landes '20
Joseph O'Brien '20
Lena Wu '20

Angeli Mittal '16-'19
Amelia Pollard '18
Diki Dolma '18
Liam DelMain '18
Taylor Grove '15-'18
Tsering Choden '18
Emily Kuhn '17



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