Sponsorship of the Green Schools Alliance is a great way to generate branding good will for your organization while making excellent connections. 

The Alliance is an international organization of K-12 schools that fosters best “green” practices and collaboration between members.  The agenda is to help all stakeholders – teachers, students, parents, administration - identify and meet various goals in carbon and waste reduction, and so to minimize the footprints both of the school facilities as well as of the home.

We work closely with schools and districts to identify best practices and solutions that deliver solid results.  Consequently, our ~8,000 schools, representing over 5 million students, have grown to trust our judgement and business vetting procedures.  Our contacts at the school and district levels know that the Alliance has their best interests in mind and they very much appreciate the support.  We work hard to continually earn their trust.

We do not have shrink-wrapped sponsorship packages, but rather choose to work with our sponsors to design, execute and monitor a campaign that works for everyone.  We have a variety of communications channels that we can work with:
  • Monthly e-newsletter (10,000+ recipients)
  • Active social media options: Facebook, Twitter
  • Newly redesigned website with dedicated co-branded sponsorship pages
  • Webinars and virtual sessions
  • The GSA Purchasing Solution
  • Regional or local events and seminars
  • Warm introductions to trusted contacts at the school and/or district level.

Sponsorship of the Alliance is not for everyone, but if you have a trusted ‘green’ product or service, and are interested in the K-12 vertical, please contact us at donate@greenschoolsalliance.org.  We look forward to working with you to make your campaign a success!


"Our association with the Alliance has provided us with valuable resources and expertise, helping us to drive our green initiatives forward with confidence and the knowledge that we are part of a growing, and important, collective."   — Chris Marblo, Head of School, The Town School, New York

"Green Schools Alliance is all about helping your school become a global climate leader; consider signing the Alliance's K-12 Climate Commitment and joining a growing list of independent schools from across the country that are making sustainable, energy-smart solutions a priority. NAIS is an Alliance founding partner."  — Jefferson G. Burnett, Vice President, Government and Community Relations, NAIS