• Our community represents more than 9,000 schools, districts, and organizations from 47 U.S. States and 84 countries.  
  • Hundreds of principals and superintendents have set the stage for meaningful change by making leadership commitments affecting nearly 8,000 schools and 5+ million students. 
  • Supporters of sustainable communities connect through the Alliance to remove barriers and create the norm for collaborative work.   


Our mission is to connect and empower schools worldwide
to lead the transformation to a sustainable future. 

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We focus on systems-level innovation through the implementation of the whole-school sustainability framework to embed sustainability into the culture of schools.

We foster communication and interdepartmental learning so sustainability is part of a school’s organizational culture.

We encourage healthy systems, active design, and progressive efficiencies in the school’s physical place.

We cultivate charismatic leadership, connection to place, and student-powered action to elevate a school’s educational program.

Note: Learn more about Whole-School Sustainability from the Institute for the Built Environment and the Center for Green Schools.


We envision a world where every person is aware of and accountable for the impact they have in creating an environmentally, economically and equitably sustainable future.


  • We are empowering students. With our engagement tools, programs, and trainings, students gain skills to become sustainability leaders in their communities. 
  • We are supporting schools and districts. We provide leadership development, management solutions, and reporting systems to boost institutional efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • We are building community. We offer collaborative tools for individuals, supporters, and leaders to break down silos and build a stronger “green schools” community.


The Alliance is unique in supporting the individual “sustainability champion” - the official or unofficial leader forging sustainable learning and solutions in school communities. These champions are sustainability coordinators, students, principals and head of schools, educators, facility managers, business officers, procurement professionals, administrators, staff, parents, volunteers, non-profit advocates, conservationists, sponsors, corporations, individual donors, elected officials, small business owners, community organizers, and more.

Green Schools Alliance considers the school community to be more than the teachers, staff, students, and their families. With schools as hubs of their communities, the “school community” includes everyone who benefits from or contributes to the school’s successes. The work of businesses, nonprofit and community groups, local government agencies, families, places of worship and more - all of these groups are part of the fabric that can help schools succeed and communally reap the rewards of healthy and sustainable culture, place, and education.

"'Going green' means so many things to different people, and despite our genuine commitment to sustainability, we were having difficulty focusing our efforts. Working with the Alliance has allowed us to find a community of like-minded schools and set challenging, but reasonable, goals."– Julian Bull, Campbell Hall School, California

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