A Sustainable Yearbook Tradition

TreeRing’s environmental roots go deeper than our name. That’s why we plant a tree (over a million so far) for every yearbook purchased. In addition, we only produce the exact number of books parents buy, eliminating waste. Not only do our 5,000 school partners feel good about providing a memorable yearbook, they also have confidence in the sustainable approach we take in producing them.


TOP FIVE reasons to create yearbooks with TreeRing:

TreeRing yearbook sample  
  • No Commitment
There are no minimum orders, no commitments and never any left-over books.
  • Personalized Pages
Parents and students can add their own photos and memories to their unique copy of your printed school yearbook.
  • Eco-Friendly
Besides eliminating unnecessary waste, we plant a tree for every yearbook purchased and print all our books on recycled paper.
  • Affordable Prices
We make it affordable for everyone by investing in technology to improve efficiencies and keep costs down.
  • Easy Software
The headaches from building your portrait pages and designing your book are magically cured with powerful automated tools and template based, drag and drop pages.