SMART Schools® Toolkit

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SMART Schools® Toolkit   

(Sustainability Metrics And Resource Tools) 

The Toolkit is organized according to the 3 Action Areas of the GSA Call to Action. Learn how you can save money, reduce GHG emissions and energy, water, & waste, and become healthier and more sustainable. Each section contains descriptions, case studies and related resources provided by member schools.

The Toolkit is an on-going interactive document, developed by schools for schools to share resources and best practices. It is a living document, updated on an on-going basis by GSA Member Schools and Corporate and NGO partners. If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to add to it (this option is available to GSA members only, so please consider joining the Alliance!

Schools come at sustainability from many directions - ranging from the top-down commitment of an entire school district to the grassroots efforts of a single individual. A private school with 400 students and several buildings needs a different plan than an urban school with 2,000 students in multiple schools under one roof. A school starting out with "turn-off-the-light" stickers is different from one that has already installed electric vehicle charging stations under their photovoltaic-covered parking. Your sustainability plan should reflect your school's unique needs.  

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