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The Renewable Energy Consortium for Schools

The consortium was launched in 2014 by The Green Schools Alliance with support from EPA’s Green Power Partnership to help accelerate the adoption of renewable energy by all schools. The consortium is comprised of  schools that are collectively purchasing renewable energy for their facilities, earning them national recognition from EPA’s Green Power Partnership (GPP) and paving the way for renewable energy use in the broader educational community. The goals of the consortium are to:

  • Enable participating schools to purchase renewable energy in a simple and efficient manner
  • Ensure that participating schools are receiving competitively priced Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) through demand aggregation and administrative efficiencies
  • Provide participating schools with the resources and communications support they need to educate their stakeholders and community on renewable energy
  • Demonstrate leadership within the K-12 educational community and establish a standard that will influence and guide the use of renewable energy in schools across the country


The Green Schools Renewable Energy Purchasing Consortium issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) in order to facilitate an annual purchase of RECs by participating schools. GSA selected Sterling Planet through a competitive bid process. The selection committee, with representation from GSA member schools, made its decision based on vendor qualifications and background, composition of REC product, pricing, purchasing mechanism and promotional/curricular support and associated services. 

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