Green Cup Challenge®

The Green Cup Challenge invites all K-12 schools to: measure and reduce energy use; improve recycling & waste reduction programs; and promote water conservation. The GCC empowers students, raises awareness about climate change and resource conservation, and unites school communities around a common goal.

The Green Cup Challenge is getting a make-over.

Look for an amazing new competition platform that will be the GCC's new home in 2016. Please pardon our dust in the meantime. 

Would you like to hold a GCC this fall in your school or administer a GCC for a group of schools or district? You still can!

Choose the dates that work best for you, collect your data using the tools provided, and share your results with us. 




Students, teachers and staff discover they have the power to save energy in their schools, and that their actions can translate into financial savings for their school, and positive change for the world.

During last year's GCC, 300 participating schools conserved over 1.5 Gigawatts of electricity over four weeks. That's over 2.5 million lbs of CO2 that were kept out of our atmosphere in just one month!

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Raise awareness about recycling and waste reduction. The Recycle Challenge™ generates excitement and encourages good habits that last long after the Challenge ends. During the Challenge, schools unite to "Recycle Right, Reduce Waste, and Rethink Consumption".

Congratulations to the 67 schools who participated in last year's Green Cup Recycle Challenge! Over two thirds of participating schools saw improvement in their recycling compliance over the 4 week Challenge.

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Coming soon...

The new Green Cup Water Challenge encourages students to measure their use, check for leaks, use water wisely and spread the word about water conservation and preservation.