Green Cup Challenge: NYC DOE Schools Reduce Energy Consumption by 35% and win $185,000 in Grants

The competition, which ran from Nov. 5- Dec. 3, 2013, was created by the Green Schools Alliance (GSA), a nonprofit organization of public and private schools whose aim is to meet the Mayor’s PlaNYC target of reducing carbon emissions 30 percent by 2017. On this day, the winning schools received grants totaling $185,000, sponsored by the Department of Education and the City’s Department of Citywide Administrative Services, because the schools were able to reduce energy consumption on average by 35%.

On April 22nd, 2013, the winning schools were announced in New York!
Address: High School for Leadership and Public Service
                90 Trinity Place
                Manhattan, New York

In Brief,
For Earth Day, Chancellor Dennis M. Walcott congratulated students, teachers and principals for their environmental initiatives to conserve energy, increase recycling and reduce the carbon footprint. To learn about energy conservation, students in 182 school buildings participated in the Green Cup Challenge™, an annual, student-led event that supports efforts to measure and reduce school-based electricity use for a month.

High School for Leadership and Public Service Principal Philip Santos welcomed guests and introduces Chancellor.

Speakers included:
Actor Matthew Modine, an environmentalist. 
Sergei Mahnovski, the Mayor’s Sustainability Director.
Deputy Chancellor Kathleen Grimm.
Peg Watson, founder of the Green Schools Alliance .
DCAS Chief Energy Management Officer Kristin Barbato.
Sanitation Dept.
GrowNYC executive director Marcel Van Ooyen.
Solar One Executive Director Chris Collins.
CSA President Ernest Logan.
UFT Safety and Health Director Chris Proctor.
Con Edison Representative.