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The Global Student Climage Leadership Commitment: Read the moving student declaration written by NYC-area GSA students at the Lycée Français de New York/French Cultural Services event last month. Delegates will be delivering the declaration to the leadership at COP21.
Facebook uses own platform to reach more people about importance of taking action on climate change. Invites GSA and many other respected organizations to curate content for
GSA Executive Director Dr. Sharon Jaye joined exciting speakers at the "Festival Internacional de Innovación Social" (International Festival for Social Innovation – fiiS) in Santiago, Chile, where she officially launched GSA’s first international chapter, "Green Schools Alliance Chile."
Katie Bremer is an intern with the Green Schools Alliance, an alumna of Sc3 and an avid conservationist both in her school and her community.
Highlighted are the STAR School, NYC DOE Harvey Milk, Quest to Learn, Young Women's Leadership, Crossroads, Democracy, Compass, and Kipp Charter Schools.
"And today, many of the largest school districts in the United States are beginning to collaborate through the Green Schools Alliance to transform markets and policy, shift behavior, and maintain and power buildings to the highest standards. These school districts are actually claiming

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Adopted so far by 11 States ((CA,DE,KS,KY,IL,MD,NV,OR,RI,VT,WA,DC) there is still persistent pressure to question human impact on global warming among Republicans in each state.
Earth Day Network partners up with Rovio to create "Champions for the Earth," timed to coincide with Climate Week NYC and the UN General Assembly, and just ahead of COP21 in Paris.
On May 2 2015, California State PTA adopted a resolution on climate change and climate change education, entitled "Climate Change is a Children's Issue" at its annual convention in Sacramento
The national security implications of climate change impacts are far-reaching, exacerbating existing stressors, contributing to poverty, environmental degradation, and political instability, and providing enabling environments for terrorist activity abroad.
What living in a dumpster for one year taught this professor about the things we don’t need. Jeff Wilson’s life had all the trappings of a conventional adult existence. Then . . .
Or what I've leaned in 12 years writing about energy. The focus is we may have to adapt civilization to the new energy terrain and not assume we can jchange energy modalities and continue what we are doing.

Green Schools

The Global Student Climage Leadership Commitment: Read the moving student declaration written by NYC-area GSA students at the Lycée Français de New York/French Cultural Services event last month. Delegates will be delivering the declaration to the leadership at COP21.
The GreenLight Awards kicks off with 29 teams--56 students from both High School and Middle School in a replicable competition for schools worldwide.
Classes grow the plants from seed to provide nourishment for monarch butterflies, bees, and other pollinators in the Gateway National Recreation Area,
Science teacher, Diane Corrigan and her first grade students are learning about the life cycle of monarch butterflies and helping this declining species at the same time. Click to watch the segment on the Today’s Show.
1.73 MW solar system now covers all their electrical energy needs, while simultaneously reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 35 percent
First Lady Michelle Obama got her hands dirty harvesting the White House Kitchen Garden alongside students of GSA Member, STAR School.

Green Cup Challenge™

The D.C. Recycle Right! Competition is part of the Green Schools Alliance’s Green Cup Challenge™. During the competition, students in both the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) and public charter schools used math skills in a real-world application to conduct weekly classroom bin surveys.
A record 430 schools worldwide participated in this year’s Green Cup Challenge (GCC), collectively saving 1.5 million pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere and boosting school recycling programs.
For the second time in five years, Avon Old Farms School has been named the champions of the Green Cup Challenge Boarding School Division, amassing an astonishing 16.9 percent reduction in total energy usage to win the New England Boarding School division. That’s a total energy savings of 28,313
The competition, which ran from Nov. 5- Dec. 3, 2013, was created by the Green Schools Alliance (GSA), a nonprofit organization of public and private schools whose aim is to meet the Mayor’s PlaNYC target of reducing carbon emissions 30
The Green Schools Alliance, in partnership with Lucid, announces the results of the annual Green Cup Challenge electricity competition. This year more than 300 K-12 schools from across the U.S. and around the world have collectively saved 1.5 gigawatt-hours of electricity, equivalent to
Posted November 20, 2012. Follow the current data from the NYC DOE 2012 Green Cup Challenge through GSA's NEW GCC Building Dashboard interface created by Lucid.

The Lima UN climate conference set the stage for governments to deliver a new universal climate change agreement in Paris in Nov 2015 aimed at putting the world on track to a low-carbon, sustainable future while keeping a global temperature rise under 2 degrees C. How schools can help.
“Climate change is real and our kids deserve to learn real science in our schools. That’s why we’re taking a stand,” said Stanton, Chair of the Environment Committee for the US Conference of Mayors.
Six largest school districts to remove 225 million polystyrene trays a year from landfills by creating a new compostable round plate for cafeterias
Working with NOAA, NASA, and DOE, the Challenge asks grade-level teams to develop projects showcasing interdisciplinary approaches to addressing climate change.
Send your ideas, commitments, summaries of your work in this area, or even photos of you, your students, and colleagues working to enhance climate literacy to by November 7.
With 3,000 new solar installations, today's 3,752 solar schools, a 5-fold increase between 2008-12, is powering tens of thousands of classrooms and offsetting nearly 443,000 metric tons of CO2/yr.