Green Schools Alliance offers the framework for schools, districts, and individuals to show their leadership in conserving resources, mitigating climate change, and preparing the next generation of global citizens.



In 2007, the Leadership Commitment was introduced, inviting authorized representatives to pledge action. Today, there are nearly 8,000 schools represented by school/district signatories. Find out how you, as a principal or superintendent, can pledge your leadership.





GSA District Collaborative is a council of district sustainability professionals, working to harness their collective power to support more efficient solutions.  Members build and share best practices and use their leverage to promote market transformation.





GSA Advisory Councils guide the Alliance in achieving our mission to connect and empower schools to lead the transformation to a sustainable future. Participants can be anyone interested in helping the GSA help school sustainability champions.





By making the GSA Leadership Commitment, your principal or superintendent is setting the stage for meaningful change, taking the steps to improve student learning outcomes and the school environment.

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We have 3 commitment levels:


Level I: Call to Action

To set goals, take action, and monitor and share progress along the following action areas: reduce our climate & ecological impact; educate & engage community; and connect to nature. 

Level II: Climate Steward

To calculate my organization’s carbon footprint by establishing an energy and carbon emissions baseline and achieve carbon reductions over time. 

Level III: Climate Champion

To reduce my organization’s carbon footprint by at least 30% within five years and achieve carbon neutrality by 2020.

Your school/district can make the commitment in 3 easy steps:


1. Have a conversation with your school principal or district superintendent.

We have prepared a letter template that describes Green School Alliance Leadership Commitment that we ask the principal or superintendent to sign. Then you will be asked to upload the signed letter in Step 3. Download the Commitment Letter (Word Doc).

2. You have to be an Individual Member of the Green Schools Alliance.

The sustainability champion (probably you!) needs to be a member of the Alliance in order to submit the commitment form. Become a member now.  

3. Submit the online Commitment Form (choose the school or district button below).

Upload your principal/superintendent's signed commitment letter and fill out a simple form with school/district details and contact information.
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