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"We've got to somehow stabilize our connection to nature so that in 50 years from now, 500 years, 5,000 years from now there will still be a wild system and respect for what it takes to sustain us.

— Dr. Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer; 2009 TED Prize Winner

"Mother Nature is just chemistry, biology and physics . . .you can’t negotiate with her, and you can’t spin her and you can’t evade her rules. All you can do is fit in as a species . . .or get kicked out."

-- Rob Watson, Innovator, Green Building Pioneer, Founder of LEED

"Place is what takes me out of myself, out of the limited scope of human activity, but this is not misanthropic. A sense of place is a way of embracing humanity among all of its neighbors. It is an entry into the larger world."

-- Dr. Robert Michael Pyle, World-Renowned Lepidopterist, Field Biologist and Author


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File 29593

Dan Ashe

Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Sc3 Speaker 2009

File 29586

H. Emerson “Chip” Blake

Editor in Chief, Orion Magazine

Sc3 Speaker 2011

File 29602

Douglas Brinkley

Historian and Author

Sc3 Speaker 2009 & keynote speaker 2014

File 29594

Virginia Burkett

UGS Climatologist and Co-recipient, Nobel Prize

Sc3 Speaker 2009-2010

File 29595

Tom Butler

Conservationist & Author, Wildlands Philanthropy

Sc3 Speaker 2010

File 29590

Dr. Gabriela Chavarria

Science Advisor, USFWS

Sc3 Speaker 2011

File 29584

Ian Cheney

Filmmaker & Advocate

Sc3 Speaker 2010-2012

File 30205

Pete Dominick

Standup Comedian & Environmentalist

Sc3 Speaker 2012 - 2014

File 29592

Dr. Sylvia Earle

Oceanographer & "Living Legend"

Sc3 Speaker 2010

File 29596

Peter Essick

National Geographic Photographer

Sc3 Speaker 2010

File 29585

Gary Fergusen

Writer/Naturalist in Residence

Sc3 Speaker 2011

File 29588

Mitchell Joachim, Ph.D.

Architect, Planner & Futurist

Sc3 Speaker 2009-2011 & 2014

File 29601

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Attorney & Environmental Activist

Sc3 Speaker 2009

File 30207

Barry Lopez

National Book Award Winning Essayist and Author

Sc3 Speaker 2012

File 29580

Bill McKibben

Writer, Environmentalist & Advocate

Sc3 Speaker 2010-2011

File 29589

Juan Martinez

Nature Leader Network

Sc3 Speaker 2011-2012

File 29606

Dr. Matt Nolan

(Skype from a glacier in Arctic Refuge)

Sc3 Speaker 2011

File 29600

Shepherd Ogden

Organic Farmer

Sc3 Speaker 2009

File 29583

Dr. Mamie Parker

Fisheries Scientist & FWS Leader

Sc3 Speaker 2010-2014

File 29597

Dr. Robert Michael Pyle

World-Renowned Lepidopterist, Field Biologist & Author

Sc3 Speaker and Resident Naturalist 2010 - 2013

File 29599

Andrew Revkin

New York Times Prize-Winning Journalist

Sc3 Speaker 2009

Carl S​afina
Oceanographer and Host of Saving our Oceans on PBS
Sc3 Keynote Speaker 2013

File 29582

Rob Watson

Environmentalist, Innovator & Green Building Pioneer

Sc3 Speaker 2009-2012

File 29587

Voices of the South

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