Rob Watson

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Rob is one of the pioneers of the modern Green Building Movement. He founded the LEED™ Green Building Rating System of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) in 1993, and was its Founding Chairman until 2006. Rob is the CEO of the ECON Group, which provides green building services and technologies, and optimizes lifecycle profitability. He is the Former Chairman, CEO and Chief Scientist of The EcoTech International Group (ETI), which merged with ECON in 2013. ETI was launched in 2007 to meet the demand for green building technologies and services in Asia, Russia, India and the U.S.. His work on green buildings and related technology has been featured in numerous publications. In Thomas Friedman's 2008 book, Hot, Flat And Crowded, Rob is described as, "one of the best environmental minds in America."  Former Director of the Green Building and International Energy Programs at NRDC, Mr. Watson has worked extensively on five continents improving the environmental performance of buildings, utilities and transportation. Mr. Watson has received numerous awards - in 2005 in Beijing, he was the only foreigner to have been honored by China's Ministry Of Construction (MOC) with its first Green Innovation Award, and in 2002, he was named as the first recipient of the USGBC’s Leadership Award For Lifetime Achievement for his work as the "Father of LEED."