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  • How One Of The Greatest Mathematicians CULTivated Modern Vegetarianism
    I’m talking about Pythagoras. He is well known for his achievements in mathematics and astronomy, creating what is known as the Pythagorean Theorem and being the first to suggest the Earth is round. However, what’s kept hidden in history textbooks is his group of followers, called Pythagoreans, who lived their lives following a strict set of beliefs. One of their strange beliefs was the Pythagorean diet in which the Pythagoreans refrained from the consumption of meat and beans, leading to form our modern definition of vegetarianism.   more
  • We Are Still In!!
    Unfortunately, the Administration announced that the United States is withdrawing from the Paris Agreement. As K-12 schools are the hubs of communities worldwide and the educators of the generations that will inherit this planet, we must continue to take a leadership role in our nation's climate actions.  As of June 5, leaders from 125 cities, 9 ... more
  • Reflections On Earth Day: A Day Or A Movement?
    This year, Earth Day was April 22nd, 2017. All across the country and world people led events and fundraisers to help broaden horizons on what conservatoin issues we face and how we all can work to solve them. How did this day come to be and why is it still so important? Or is it a landmark for a movement that hopefully will be continued for generations to come? ... more
  • How To Start A Compost In 4 Easy Steps
    Looking for the best gift for your plants? Or are you simply wanting to improve your garden and reduce the amount of food scraps in your garbage can? Luckily, this guide has got you covered. Not only will you learn about how you can impress your plants, but you’ll also learn how you can help your garden thrive by following this simple, 4-step composting guide .    more
  • The Sky Is Falling, In Four Different Ways
    Is it raining? Or is it snowing? Is it sleeting? Or is it hailing? These four questions can easily be answered with a simple glance out the window.   For a future prediction of precipitation, however, a quick google search of the weather forecast in your area might become necessary. But how do meteorologists, scientists who study the weather, determine whether it will rain or snow or hail or sleet? more
  • Taking Charge: Companies That Are Changing the World
    Let's explore several companies that are tackling the issue of climate change and how some of their innovative energy-saving practices can be adapted to a wide variety of other industries.  more
  • Super Smoothie
    Summer (smoothie season) is right around the corner! Get ready with this super easy, vegan recipe.  more

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