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  • Trash The Runway: Using Recycled Fashion To Spread Environmental Awareness
    We all have outfits that are a little trashy. . . In fact, at my school's "Trash the Runway Fashion Show," trashiness is a requirement. more
  • The Magic School Bus And The Wastewater Treatment Plant
    Buckle up everyone! It’s time for a field trip. Last week, my AP Environmental Science class boarded our yellow, possibly magic, school bus to travel to the United States’ largest advanced wastewater treatment plant. This is what we learned.     more
  • Alternative Facts and the Great Debate Over GMOs
    Used to hearing people say “GMOs are absolutely atrocious to your health and the fate of the world”? Well, guess what? They can be beneficial to your health and to the environment. Genetic engineering is a method of integrating technology into the food we eat to improve our health and ultimately conserve the environment. Genetically modified foods can be more nutritious and reduce the amount of pesticides used in cultivating crops. Through a bioengineering technique called pharming, GMOs can help produce medications and macromolecules essential to life! But if they are so great, then why is there so much controversy over the safety of GMOs?   more
  • An Inside Look At The Solar Industry
    Solar energy is increasing in popularity as its prices drop and environmental practices become more popular around the world. I recently interviewed John Thompson, a solar energy contractor at Southern Current, to discuss topics such as the uses and benefits of solar energy and innovations expected within the industry.    De Maria: How long have ... more
  • How Does Water Actually Impact Our Lives?
    While the earth’s surface is almost 70% water, less than 1% of it is available for humans to use. Whether we realize it or not, every day we are impacted by water and vice versa. It can drive some of our decisions and what we do can negatively impact this finite resource. Here are some daily activities that impact our water usage the most and some tips to help you conserve water. more
  • Thank You For Helping Us Bloom! 3 New Ways To GROW Your Support
    THANK YOU!  Whether you have participated in the Student Conservation Corps & Congress (Sc3) or Green Cup Challenge, are a member of the GSA District Collaborative, or used the GSA Purchasing Solution, YOU have helped us grow and reach students, teachers, sustainability champions, and future change-makers in over 7,900 schools. In order to properly acknowledge your support and show our gratitude, we have created 3 new ways for you to give. more
  • Green Cup Challenge Winners! Drumroll Please…
    We have had a fantastic 2017 Green Cup Challenge. Thanks to our amazing participants for all of their hard work!  They not only reduced energy, but found creative ways to change behavior and educate their entire school community!  We are blown away.  Together, the Green Cup Energy Challenge participants reduced their electricity consumption by ... more

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