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  • Schools For Health
    By the time a K-12 student graduates they have spent 15,600 hours in school! The temperature, lighting, and acoustics of their classrooms are just a few of the important environmental conditions that influence student and teacher health and performance. more
  • Special Earth Day Edition Of The Student Newsletter
    Learn about the 5 'W's of Earth Day, Green Architechture, 10 ways to support Earth Day from home, what a single tree can do and much more! Find the Earth Day March for Science near you and plan for the People's Climate March.   more
  • Join Us At 2 Fun Earth Day Events In New York City
    Daybreaker Dance Party - April 19 : Daybreaker events, you can dance your face off before work, feel gloriously healthy and participate in something greater than ourselves.  Earth Day March for Science NYC - April 22 :  March to celebrate your love and support of science.   more
  • Earth Day Is Coming So It Is A Great Time To GREEN Your School Fundraising
    ForestNation Guardian tree kits are a brand new creation for your school! Use the new, fun tree kits to fundraise any way you like with the profit margin you decide. Let's get everyone to plant and grow! It is really easy to start:        •  Motivate students with free lesson resources and sing along music video.        •  Use fundraising forms to collect pre-orders and funds up front.        •  Purchase tree kits and have stock to sell directly.   more
  • Ditch Your Dryer
    For many people, the word “clothesline” conjures up images of turn-of-the-century New York tenements or pioneer women pinning their prairie dresses up to dry. But the environmental and economic benefits a clothesline can bring are helping them make a big comeback! more
  • The Present Of Life
    Our planet gave us an irreplacable gift, and we show our appreciation by wreaking havoc. The behavior we display towards the Earth ultimately reflects upon ourselves. We need to value our world as much as we value ourselves, for without the world, we can’t survive. Thus, we must make the efforts to preserve it for as long as we last.    more
  • Green Cup RECYCLE Challenge runs April 1 - May 12. Register today!
    Are you looking for a way to engage your students in an Earth Day project or a fun year-end student challenge? Participate in the Green Cup RECYCLE Challenge from April 1 - May 12 and compete with schools around the nation to help reduce waste and clean the earth.   more

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