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  • Want To COOL THE EARTH...
    ...then why not make loving earth "cool" and enter the Earth Day T-Shirt Contest by March 20?   more
  • Green Cup Challenge - VOTE NOW
    VOTING IS OPEN!  All of the videos are in and - WOW - we are blown away by the creativity and intelligent green messaging this year!  We can't wait to hear what you think. Check out the videos and then pick your favorites.   more
  • 3 Black Environmentalists Who Are Changing The World
    Learn more about three environmentalists who are working to save the Earth: walking across the entire United States to force people to rethink the oil industry , serving as the first African American EPA Administrator, and revitalizing urban infrastructure in a fight for climate justice.   more
  • Join The ComMUNity: Model United Nations (MUN) For Environmentalists And Change-Makers
    Develop public speaking, research, and collaboration skills- as well as knowledge about diplomacy, international relations, and policy development- in the weirdest, most fun way possible by joining MUN! more
  • No System But the Ecosystem: Interview with a Protester at a Standing Rock Campsite
    "Even though the mail goal is to stop the pipeline, it's much bigger than that." Most of us have heard about DAPL (Dakota Access Pipeline). But have you heard from a first-hand campsite participant? Here’s an in-depth interview with Charlotte, who stood (and stands!) in solidarity with the Standing Rock protesters and those whom this pipeline directly affects. Charlotte says, " A boy said that the campsite was made of 'rope, hope, and good intentions. ' To live in those conditions -- to leave all your friends back at school, and to keep your head up, is so inspiring." more
  • Stand Up, Fight Back
    Do you want to change the world? You can start by voicing your opinions; stand up with the millions of people across the globe who are making sure their voices are heard.  more
  • February Student Newsletter
    The student newsletter is written for student – by students. This month's edition includes: "8 Environmental Initiatives inthe Works"; "The Buzz on Bees"; "5 Steps to Starting a Garden"; "Plume Labs' New Device "Flow"; student blog & social media highlights; and Just For Fun memes. more

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